thermal blinds
How Window Blinds Can Help With The Cost Of Living

Installing window blinds can help you save money during the cost of living crisis. Let’s look at how.

26 August 2022 Read More
Office Blinds
Why You Should Install Office Blinds

There are multiple reasons for installing blinds in your office. Let’s take a look at a few.

20 August 2022 Read More
Eco blinds sustainable
The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Blinds

A quick guide to eco blinds and how they can benefit your home.

19 August 2022 Read More
window insect screen
Fly Screen Cleaning Guide

A quick guide on the best way to keep insect screens clean.

15 August 2022 Read More
Conservatory roof blinds - Solar-R Roller
Guide To Maintaining Conservatory Blinds

A quick guide to keeping your conservatory blinds.

14 August 2022 Read More
Haus MF2600 LED Grey Patio Awning
What Are The Best Retractable Awnings?

A closer look at some of the best awnings from Appeal Home Shading.

12 August 2022 Read More
Haus Awning MF2600 LED
The Summer 2022 Trends for Awnings

A closer look at the trending styles, colours and extras for awnings during summer 2022.

31 July 2022 Read More
insect mesh
Do Insect Screens Keep your Home from Getting Cool?

Want to install insect screens to keep unwanted visitors out of your home, but worried it might make your house hotter? Here’s how we can help.

29 July 2022 Read More
Full Height Window Shutters on Doors
A Window Shutter for Every Room

Want to add some timber shutters to your home but don’t know where to start? PolyWoodⓇ might be the solution.

26 July 2022 Read More
Trends of the Future: Cordless Blinds

The future is here. Cordless blinds are now more widespread than ever before.

23 July 2022 Read More
popular window shades
How Modern Home Shading is Completely Customisable

Keeping your home cool and shaded during the height of summer can be tricky. Let’s take a look at how blinds can help reduce the temperature.

22 July 2022 Read More
Alu-Pleat Conservatory Roof Blinds
Are Conservatory Blinds a Year Round Investment?

Conservatories have a tendency to get overly hot during the summer and cold in the winter. The right choice of blinds can help with both.

19 July 2022 Read More
Full Height Window Shutters with Shaped Starburst Shutter
The Undeniable Style of Window Shutters

Window shutters have come back in a big way these last few years. The European flair has made its way back into our homes as a wonderful alternative to blinds and curtains.

23 June 2022 Read More
ULTRA Smart Roller Blinds
How Our Blinds Help with Thermal Reflection

The summer has officially arrived, and it has arrived with a passion.

19 June 2022 Read More
Bedroom White Cafe Style Bay Window Shutters
How Light Damages Your Furniture

Over the course of the summer, a lot of us are going to witness our furniture start to lose colour in the sunlight.

16 June 2022 Read More
How a Haus Awning Can Keep you Cool this Summer

Staying cool is going to be imperative this summer as the temperatures are likely to soar to new heights, and records are likely to be broken.

9 June 2022 Read More
blackout blinds
UK Child Safety Week 2022

As it is UK Child Safety Week from 6th to 12 June, at Appeal Home Shading we wanted to highlight how well designed shading products can help keeping those most precious to us safe.

6 June 2022 Read More
Bug screen for windows
Are Fly Screens Effective?

Every summer, we open our homes to the fresh air outside, only to find out that a bunch of flying critters love to take the opportunity to move in at the same time.

1 June 2022 Read More
pleated conservatory blinds UK
Do Blinds Help with Insulation?

As the world outside our conservatories gets warmer, as does the air inside! Over the course of the winter, we probably spend very little time inside our conservatories compared to how much time we spend there during the summer.

30 May 2022 Read More
What Size Awning Do I Need?

Awnings can make a massive difference to the usability of our gardens throughout the summer months when the evenings are light and the days are warm.

21 May 2022 Read More
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