cafe style blinds
How To Recycle Window Blinds

Hotter days mean stuffier homes and getting a good rest when the air feels heavy isn’t easy. Here are a few things you can do to make your house cooler and get a decent sleep.

2 May 2023 Read More
Blackout ClearView Gable End Blinds
How To Keep Cool And Get A Good Night’s Sleep This Summer

Hotter days mean stuffier homes and getting a good rest when the air feels heavy isn’t easy. Here are a few things you can do to make your house cooler and get a decent sleep.

22 April 2023 Read More
Most Energy Efficient Window Coverings

What are the most energy-efficient blinds? If you want to improve your home’s energy ratings, there are multiple blind types that can help. Here are our recommendations.

Conservatory roof blinds - Solar-R Roller
Year-Round Benefits Of Solar-R® Blinds

One of the more popular products that we offer here at Appeal are our Solar-R® blinds. They’re a highly sought-after shading option, perfect for conservatories or large glazed areas.

12 April 2023 Read More
fly screen for windows
How To Keep Insects Out Of Your House

The weather is finally getting brighter and warmer, but when the sun returns, so do the insects. Here are a few tips on how to keep them out of your home.

11 April 2023 Read More
ULTRA Roller door blinds
Window Blinds And Accessible Living

We’ve created shading options for residential homes and commercial buildings alike, and we’re always conscious of who our clients are. In this article, we’d like to focus on window blinds for accessible living.

7 April 2023 Read More
conservatory Pinoleum blinds electric
Is It Worth Investing In Motorised Blinds?

Motorised blinds might seem like an extravagance, but they’re actually a long-term investment. Find out why in this article.

3 April 2023 Read More
orangery blinds
How To Cool An Orangery

What’s the best way to cool an orangery? Fans, air conditioning, and of course, window blinds. Let’s take a look at how to keep the temperature down.

20 March 2023 Read More
Aluminium Venetian in office with desk
The Best Blinds For Offices

Choosing office blinds isn’t the same as picking them for the home. There are other things you need to consider. Here’s how to find the right office blinds.

18 March 2023 Read More
Pleated Blinds Bespoke
How Durable Are Pleated Blinds?

There is a misconception that pleated blinds are more fragile than others. We can confirm this is not true, and here’s why.

15 March 2023 Read More
BBSA Energy Saving Study Results Revealed!

The BBSA has released the data for an investigation into the energy-saving properties of blinds. The results are extremely positive. Find out more here.

11 March 2023 Read More
We’re Going To The 2023 Ideal Home Show!

Appeal Shading are pleased to announce that we’re returning to the Ideal Home show! Find out more here.

8 March 2023 Read More
Global Shading Day 2023

We have some exciting news to share with you. The British Blind And Shutter Association have announced the first-ever Global Shading Day. This event is intended to raise awareness about the benefits of shading and it’s due to take place on Tuesday, March 21st.

6 March 2023 Read More
Ultra Smart Honeycomb pleated door blinds
The Best Blinds For Patio Doors

We’ve noticed a rising interest in patio door blinds. Our customers come to us looking for the best shading options, and patio doors are no exception. There are several choices available, but which are the best?

24 February 2023 Read More
ClearView Gable Honeycomb blinds extended
Which Is Better: Blinds Or Curtains?

Are window blinds better than curtains? When choosing a shading option, it can be difficult to decide which you prefer.

22 February 2023 Read More
cafe style blinds
Do Window Blinds Help With Condensation?

At some point in time, you will have condensation issues. The only way to avoid it entirely is to live in a house without any windows. Condensation is an inescapable part of modern life, but can window blinds help you deal with it?

19 February 2023 Read More
MF2600 Haus Awnings
How Long Do Haus Awnings® Last?

Outdoor shading can make a big difference to your garden. Whether you want more cover when relaxing on the patio or to keep the sunlight off your home, a Haus Awning® is the ideal solution. But how long do they last?

14 February 2023 Read More
Lantern Roof Blinds
The Benefits Of Lantern Roof Blinds

Lantern roofs are becoming a common sight in homes across the UK. Their popularity has increased in the last few years, and they’re an ideal addition to modern extensions. They allow more light into the home and look stylish, so more homeowners are investing in new roof lanterns.

12 February 2023 Read More
gable end
Installation Photo Of The Year 2022

The votes have been counted and it’s time to announce the winner of our Installation Photo Of The Year 2022. Find out the results here.

10 February 2023 Read More
cafe blinds
What Exactly Are Café Blinds?

What on earth are cafe blinds? An extremely versatile and stylish home shading option. And no, you don’t need to own a cafe to get them. Let’s take a closer look.

30 January 2023 Read More
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