How To Cool An Orangery

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By their very nature, orangeries are prone to getting hot and stuffy. They were originally used to grow citrus fruits in the UK’s colder climate and essentially, functioned like greenhouses. They’re designed to absorb heat and sunlight, and while this can have advantages (especially in winter), it can make them uncomfortable during the warmer months. 

Today’s orangeries have benefitted from modern technology, but there are still times when you’ll wish it was cooler. But how exactly do you make your orangery more livable? Here at Appeal, we’ve come up with a list of how to reduce the temperature and let you use your extension all year round.

david salisbury orangery dining room

Install A Fan

You should never underestimate the effectiveness of a ceiling fan. They’ll increase the air circulation in your orangery and drive down the temperature. Permanent fans can be fitted alongside light fixtures and are sometimes cheaper than expected, but you can also use a temporary, portable fan if this isn’t an option. The one downside with fans is that some people find the noise off-putting.

Air Conditioning

Similar to fans, air conditioning systems increase the airflow and help keep the orangery cool. Most modern ones are also fitted with purifiers, so the air will be cleaner too. They’re also quieter than fans and can increase your property value. They are a bit more expensive but they’re certainly worth considering.

Extra Ventilation

You can also lower the temperature with extra ventilation. Keeping the doors and windows open while your ceiling fan works is a great way to reduce the stuffiness in your extension. Extras like roof vents will increase ventilation even further. To put it in the most straightforward terms, the more airflow, the cooler your orangery will be. Plus, it’ll help with any condensation issues you might have.

orangery blinds uk

Installing Orangery Blinds

Lastly, we can’t overlook the effectiveness of orangery blinds. They’re engineered to reflect the sun’s rays away from the house and thus, reduce the temperature. This has the added benefit of protecting your plants and furniture from UV light, so if you want to stop your cushions from fading, they’ll help. Additionally, orangery blinds can assist in winter, as they function like an extra thermal layer and keep your house warm even as the outside temperature drops. 

Follow all these tips, and you’ll get more use out of your orangery. We love extensions here, so it’s a shame when they become unusable through excess heat. A combination of blinds, ventilation and air conditioning or a fan will go a long way and help make it liveable all year round.

If you’re interested in installing a set of orangery blinds, we can help. You can start by downloading a free brochure and finding out more about our products or booking a no-obligation design consultation. Our staff know blinds inside and out and will answer any questions you might have.