thermal blinds for conservatory
Blind And Shutter Trends For 2023

Appeal Shading make several predictions for blind and shutter trends in 2023

28 December 2022 Read More
Haus MF2600 Blue Awning with posts
Can Awnings Withstand Strong Winds?

Awnings can withstand strong winds and severe weather

20 December 2022 Read More
Haus MF2600 Awning with Anthracite posts
Awnings Or Canopies: What’s The Difference?

Let’s take a look at the differences between awnings and canopies

16 December 2022 Read More
Energy saving honeycomb blinds on doors
How To Install Window Blinds

A brief explanation on how to install window blinds.

12 December 2022 Read More
history of window blinds
A Brief History Of Window Blinds

A brief look at the origins of window blinds. Who invented them, and how have they developed throughout history?

10 December 2022 Read More
largest window blinds
What Are The Most Environmentally Friendly Window Blinds?

Find out about the most environmentally friendly window blinds at Appeal Home Shading. Here’s how blinds help keep the planet green.

3 December 2022 Read More
Honeycomb ClearView Gable-End Blinds
How Blinds And Shutters Can Help You This Winter

How shutters and blinds can help you control the light and temperature of your home this winter.

23 November 2022 Read More
one touch remote control blinds
Common Questions About Electric Blinds

We get asked a lot of questions about electric blinds at Appeal. Here are some of the common ones, read on to find out more.

19 November 2022 Read More
large window blinds for bifold doors
Are Roller Blinds Old Fashioned?

Roller blinds are sometimes called old-fashioned, but we think they’re timeless, stylish and versatile. Click here to find out more.

15 November 2022 Read More
window dressing for bifold doors
Winter Benefits With Bifold Door Blinds

Click here to find out about the winter benefits of bifold door blinds; an attractive and effective way to control light and shade.

12 November 2022 Read More
bathroom plantation shutters
Stylish Privacy With Bathroom Shutters

Why bathroom shutters are a stylish way of controlling light, shade, and most importantly, privacy.

6 November 2022 Read More
remote control roller blinds
The Benefits Of Remote-Controlled Blinds

A brief look at the advantages of remote-controlled blinds

31 October 2022 Read More
Motorised Premier Pinoleum Conservatory Roof Blinds
Orangery Or Conservatory: What’s The Difference?

What is the difference between orangeries and conservatories?

27 October 2022 Read More
Haus MF2600 Blue Awning with posts
How To Clean A Haus Awning

A quick guide on how to get your Haus Awning looking spotless

26 October 2022 Read More
large door blinds
Benefits Of Bifold Door Blinds

Bifold doors and blinds go hand in hand. Here are several reasons to consider installing blinds on your bifold doors.

24 October 2022 Read More
Honeycomb Blackout ClearView Gable-End Blinds
Get Better Sleep With Blackout Blinds

A brief explanation on how blackout blinds can improve your sleep

18 October 2022 Read More
Solar-R Roller Conservatory Side Blinds
A Parent’s Guide To Child-Safe Blinds

Dangling cords from window blinds can be a hazard for small children. Here’s how to make your blinds safer.

6 October 2022 Read More
Wild Wonder – Colour of the Year 2023

The Dulux Colour of the Year has been announced. Let’s take a look at Wild Wonder.

9 September 2022 Read More
Window Shutters in Bay Window
Your Guide To Window Shutters & Saving Energy

Window shutters are an underrated way of keeping a house warm. Let’s look at why.

4 September 2022 Read More
Conservatory roof blinds - Solar-R Roller
Keeping Your Conservatory Warmer With Roof Blinds

Installing conservatory roof blinds can help keep your house warmer. Let’s look at how.

30 August 2022 Read More
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