eco blinds from appeal
Pleated blinds, Venetian Blinds and Roller Blinds; which is best for your home?

The Home shading market has never been so diverse as it is now. Homeowners now have more options available to them than ever before regarding the way they keep the light out during the day and keep their homes private at night.

8 April 2022 Read More
Insect Screen on patio doors
How to Protect Your Home from Insects this Spring

As Spring comes over the horizon, homeowners are getting excited about opening their windows and doors and allowing warm, fresh air into their homes. We spend a lot of time indoors over the cooler winter months, and as soon as we have the excuse, it is so lovely to bring the outside into your home, swinging doors and windows open as much as we can.

7 April 2022 Read More
david salisbury wooden conservatory interior blinds
How to Keep Your Conservatory Cool this Summer

As the summer draws ever closer, many of us are getting excited about utilising our conservatories again as the space it is designed to be. That is one of connecting the outside and inside world.

6 April 2022 Read More
What are the home shading trends for 2022?

At Appeal Home Shading, we want to make sure that we provide our customers with the most up to date trends and designs for their homes. That means that we keep our finger on the pulse of all home decoration and interior design trends to ensure that we provide the home shading solutions that customers need and want to keep their homes cool, well-lit, and private over the year.

1 April 2022 Read More
ECO Roller Blinds from Appeal

As market leaders in the home shading market, we at Appeal Home Shading love the versatility our roller blinds bring to the home. Whether you’re looking to just add a little privacy to the home, or a splash of colour to a room, our roller blinds provide the perfect combination of both.

The Sleek Style of Concealed Electric Blinds

The words sleek and discreet come up a lot when discussing modern home design trends. Long gone are the days of dangling cords and rolling by hand. With modern technological advancements, home shading has become as much a design feature as a practical one.

29 March 2022 Read More
bifolding door blinds
Should you choose integral blinds for bifold doors?

As bi-fold doors become a more popular option for the modern homeowner, finding the appropriate dressing is essential to getting the most out of your new installation. As they are  essentially a large window, heat can easily escape or enter the room, prompting issues with your home’s energy efficiency. Therefore, it is imperative to find the right blinds to address this issue. But, what is best for your bifold door? An integral blind or a non-integral blind?

20 March 2022 Read More
Decorating your Roof Lantern

Over the past few years, we have seen the rise in the roof lantern, an increasingly popular method of letting more natural light into the home. We designed the ClearView Lantern Roof Blind to meet this rise in popularity.

17 March 2022 Read More
ClearView Gable End Blinds
Gable Windows – Blinds, Shutters or Curtains?

Gable windows are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to capitalise on the excellent views outside of their homes. With such a large and unique shape, challenges often surface when it comes to shading.

14 March 2022 Read More
insect screens for windows and doors
Fly Screens for French Double Doors

As the inevitable combination of heat, humidity, and insects draws ever closer, we at Appeal Home Shading are proud to offer our bespoke selection of fly screens for your French double doors. You can be assured that you can enjoy the spring and summer months in comfort without having to worry about annoying buzzing noises in your home.

12 March 2022 Read More
Full Height Window Shutters on Doors
The Decorative Benefits of Window Shutters

The Window Shutter is as much a design feature of your home as an ornament or a piece of furniture. Bespoke to your home and fully customisable, homeowners looking to make a statement need look no further.

9 March 2022 Read More
how to shade your conservatory
ULTRA® Smart Blinds Receive 5* Review from Able Magazine

Appeal Home shading is incredibly proud to announce that our collection of ULTRAⓇ Smart Blinds has received a five-star review from Able Magazine.

8 March 2022 Read More
Haus MF2600 Green Patio Awning
A Brief History of Awnings

We pride ourselves on knowing all there is to know about the history of shading here at Appeal. Our popular Haus Awnings are the latest in outdoor, home shading technology, but where did it all begin?

2 March 2022 Read More
Feefo Platinum Award 2022

We’re proud to announce that we have been awarded the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award in 2022 for recognised excellence in customer service.

28 February 2022 Read More
shutter blinds prices
Window Shutters for Modern or Traditional Homes

Are window shutters better for modern or traditional homes? If you love the look of window shutters, we’ll make sure that our made to measure designs are perfect for any property!

22 February 2022 Read More
Window Blinds for Safety and Security

Appeal Home Shading’s Window Blinds are the ideal option to protect the safety and security of your home. If you care about keeping you and your family safe, then our range of motorised blinds are the best option for everyone.

17 February 2022 Read More
Tier on Tier Window Shutters
Permanent vs Temporary Window Coverings

At Appeal Home Shading, we know that permanent window coverings are better than temporary window coverings. And, when you choose our permanent options, you can choose from a wide range of blinds and shutters for your home.

15 February 2022 Read More
Conservatory roof blinds - Solar-R Roller
Is Your Conservatory Eco-Friendly?

Is your conservatory eco-friendly? And if it isn’t, is there a way to make your conservatory more eco-friendly in a cost-effective way?

12 February 2022 Read More
Insect Screens on windows
Are Insect Screens Invisible?

Are insect screens invisible, or are they going to obscure your views of the outside world? It’s a common question for those looking to invest in insect screens.

10 February 2022 Read More
Conservatory roof blinds - Solar-R Roller
Save Money with Conservatory Roof Blinds

Conservatory Roof Blinds from Appeal Home Shading are an excellent investment to help you save money for your home in the long term.

7 February 2022 Read More
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