The Best Blinds For Offices

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There are many reasons to install blinds in an office. Most modern offices are filled with computers, and working can be difficult if you’re dealing with screen glare. Blinds are a great way to ensure privacy and stop opportunistic thieves from getting a good look at all your expensive supplies, so they’ll keep your workspace more secure. Plus, they can assist with managing the temperature. If you already have blinds installed at home, you’ll know how beneficial they are and will no doubt be interested in getting them at work too.

However, installing blinds in an office isn’t the same as in a house. There are similar considerations, but they are two different scenarios. Here at Appeal Home Shading, we’ve got years of experience working with commercial blinds. This is our brief guide to what you need to know.

Aluminium Venetian in office with Alexa

What Are The Best Office Blinds?

Generally speaking, office windows are bigger than residential ones. If you’re installing blinds, you’ll need some that can adequately cover a wider area but are easy to use. Ideally, they’ll also be divided into separate sections, so you can independently control the light levels in different parts of the office. After all, some of your employees might want to be bathed in sunlight while others find it dazzling, and if you can satisfy both, you’ll have a happier workforce. Not everyone has the same opinion of what makes a room comfortable, but office blinds make it easier to keep multiple staff happy. 

Roller blinds are the perfect choice to satisfy all these requirements. They can be adapted to suit any size window and are a versatile, functional type of shading. It’s also possible to get remote control roller blinds, which look professional and modern and leave a positive impression on any visitors to your company. 

Alternatively, you could consider pleated office blinds. They have a subtle and welcoming vibe and are an excellent way to reduce external light sources without cutting them off entirely. Of course, there are situations where you’ll want to isolate the office from the sunlight, and blackout blinds could be the right choice. 

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Custom Designs

It’s also worth noting that your design choices aren’t limited. There’s a stereotype that office blinds are one-dimensional and bland, but that isn’t accurate. The colour, style and size are all customisable, so whatever your personal preferences, we can assist. 

Commercial blinds will have numerous benefits for your business. They can make your office look tidy and professional and add to a harmonious atmosphere. They’ll increase the thermal efficiency of the building, cut down on your energy bills, and make it a more comfortable workplace. 

If you’d like to know more, we recommend visiting our dedicated commercial blinds page where you’ll find plenty of advice and inspiration. We’re also more than happy to discuss your project requirements, so why not book a free, no-obligation design consultation? We can’t wait to hear from you.