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Blackout Blinds for Windows, Doors & Conservatories

As the leading bespoke home shading expert, Appeal design, manufacture and install blinds of every description for every requirement. In most applications our blinds are designed to help you control how much natural light you let into a room, but in the case of our Blackout Blinds you can block out the light, when that’s exactly what you want to achieve.

On a bright and early summer’s morning, incoming sunlight flooding into a room can be a beautiful and welcoming sight. But in some instances it can become a problem, and even a downright nuisance. Particularly if you’re a light sleeper. It’s often undesirable in younger children’s bedrooms too, where uninterrupted sleep patterns are important for both children and adults alike.

Much of this unwanted sunlight can be controlled with our wide range of ordinary blinds, but if you desire an increased sun block for complete comfort then Appeal Blackout Blinds are the ideal solution.

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Bespoke Blackout Blinds from Appeal

During your design consultation, we’ll discuss which options would best suit your home, depending on whether you live in something modern or traditional. We have options for every home and taste, depending on whether you want your Blackout Blinds to blend in, or stand out.

Our close relationship with our customers allows us to ensure they are always 100% satisfied with their new blinds. Our attention to detail and service is unmatched.

Our range of Blackout Blinds are made to measure, tailored to your home. Not only does this result in a more efficient installation, but it also ensures that your new shading solutions are perfect for your home. You don’t need to compromise when you choose Appeal Home Shading. Our Blackout Blinds can be Pleated or designed as Roller Blinds, with over 50 fabrics, designs and patterns for you to choose from.


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Need some Inspiration?

You can view our inspiration gallery today to see our various styles of Blackout Blinds. We have something for every home, budget and personal taste.

If you find a style and design which would suit your home, then request a quote online today. You can also request a free design consultation to discuss your ideas with an in-house expert.


Temperature Control

ULTRA® Smart Options

Reduced UV Exposure

In addition to shutting out external light, the fabric we use in our blackout screens for windows is also an excellent thermal barrier. It can reflect outside heat to keep the room or conservatory inside cool.

During the summer months where mornings are bright and warm in the early hours, Blackout Blinds can provide multifunctional benefits for you. In winter, they can help trap your home’s warmth inside the home, thanks to their superb insulating properties.

These blinds are available with ULTRA® Smart technology, whereby one of our engineers will install a discreet battery into the stack or cassette.

From there, you can effortlessly close or open your Blackout Blinds using a remote control or via a wall mounted panel. With ULTRA® PLUS, you can also benefit from smartphone app and voice command operation. There are even automated opens whereby your Blackout Blinds close based on external brightness.

By helping to block out external light, Blackout Blinds are superb for limiting you and your family’s UV exposure. UV rays, of course, can be damaging to skin.

UV rays can also cause home plants to wilt and furniture to fade, neither of which are desired. By choosing our Blackout Blinds, you can reduce UV ray transfer drastically, preventing any of the above problems from occurring within the home.

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Ultimate Personal Service

At Appeal, we set out to offer outstanding design advice, technical expertise and excellent value for money. We believe that offering market leading products means nothing without the right customer service to match. In order to achieve this, every member of the Appeal Home Shading team follows the extensive guidance laid out in The Appeal Promise.

  • Free home design consultation service, seven days a week, including evenings
  • No obligation, bespoke prices available on our entire product range
  • Comprehensive advice and support from quotation through to aftercare

From sales visit to delivery of materials & final installation, everything was dealt with efficiently & friendly. I have no complaints whatsoever

Mr James - Bristol

From the time the consultant visited to the survey and fitting we were delighted with the pleasant and professional approach. We were advised of the options available and helped to choose the right option for our conservatory. I would thoroughly recommend Appeal Home Shading

Mr Bishop - London

First class design service, from design to installation everything was very professional.

Mrs Kerrigan - London

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Blackout Blinds are also perfect for providing comfort and privacy outside of the bedroom, in a room set aside for home entertainment for instance, where you want to play DVD’s or video games without any light reflection or glare spoiling your view. You may even have your own cinemaroom, for which Blackout Blinds could also be very suitable.

Despite their high functionality, there’s no reason why Blackout Blinds shouldn’t blend in with your home décor and look as attractive as possible. That’s why we offer you Blackout Blinds in over 50 contemporary and traditional fabrics along with a range of Pleated and Roller Blackout Blinds in plain and textured fabrics.

Suitable for standard or shaped windows, sets of bi-fold, sliding, french or patio doors – all are complemented by special blackout linings and the option of state-of-the-art remote controlled motorisation. This means you can operate one blind or a whole series of them from the comfort of a bed or armchair.

All of our product range is covered within our full Appeal Home Shading brochure. This includes Blackout Blinds, as well as other special blinds including our ULTRA® PLUS and child safe variants. Request a brochure for free today and you can read more about our full home shading range.

With such a wide array of shading styles able to be made blackout, it’s hard for us to provide an estimated cost for this product range. To get a more accurate Blackout Blinds cost based on your specifications, request an online quote today. You can also discuss pricing during your free, no obligation design consultation.

Our entire product range is, including our Blackout Blinds! If you’d prefer to pay for your home shading solutions in affordable monthly segments, get in touch today. We can discuss which of our credit terms would best suit your budget and shading solutions of choice.

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