System Integration

Integrated blinds – the automatic choice from Appeal

Today, almost everyone has a smart phone, PC tablet or laptop, which is probably why there is a growing trend for advanced yet simple to operate integrated systems in the home that can be activated and controlled with remote devices like these.

Heating, lighting, home entertainment and security are some of the key domestic systems that can now be accessed with a smart phone or similar, pretty much wherever you are; at work, on the train, in a hotel.  Basically this can give you complete fingertip control over for instance, tasks like turning the central heating on and off or activating a burglar alarm. And you can do this any time of night or day for any reason that may suddenly arise. It’s all very convenient and can potentially prove extremely beneficial to your lifestyle.

With the help of Appeal you can now access and operate all the blinds in your home within an integrated blinds system too. As the leaders in innovative bespoke home shading products and services, we are better equipped than anyone else to offer you this remarkable leap forward in technology. Our integrated blinds are compatible with most of the established and popular home automation systems, such as Lutron, Crestron and TaHoMa. And we can offer you a variety of remote controlled motorisation options to operate one blind or a whole series of blinds.

Request a free, no obligation design consultation from Appeal, for independent unbiased advice on the best integrated blinds system for your home.

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