BBSA Energy Saving Study Results Revealed!

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Appeal Shading is a proud member of the British Blind & Shutter Association, and they’ve been keeping us up to date with some interesting news. Recently, they drew our attention to a study conducted at the University Of Salford’s Energy House, which looked into how home shading can affect heat retention. The results confirmed what we’ve long known; window blinds can help you save energy.


Energy House

If you’re not familiar with Energy House, they’re dedicated to researching how effective different products are in reducing energy bills and lowering our carbon footprints. They’re led by Professor Will Swan and Professor Richard Fritton, MRICS, and conduct their research at a unique laboratory with its own environmental chamber. 

This study looked into the efficiency of different types of window blinds and concluded that they can dramatically cut household heat loss. Given that we’ve had some very cold weather recently, this will be great news for anyone looking to reduce the pressure on their bank account.

energy saving blinds

Window Blinds And Heat Loss

The researchers tested several different products using a double-glazed window with a low e-rating in a controlled environment. The temperatures were fixed and allowed them to accurately measure the difference in heat loss for each type of blind. For example, a standard roller blind saw a 13% reduction, helping to keep the house warm without constantly needing the heating on full. 

The study also identified the importance of minimising gaps. In short; the more of the window that’s covered, the lower the heat transfer. This is an issue that we’ve focused on previously, especially with our energy-saving Honeycomb blinds. We make them bespoke and they can be specifically fitted on doors or windows in a way that minimises gaps. Their unique structure also contains air pockets, to help you save even more energy. 

We also offer multiple types of blinds that can assist in driving down your heating and cooling bills. For instance, our Solar-R® blinds can do wonders for your conservatory or orangery, while our Alu-Pleat blinds offer superb insulation and are highly customisable. 

uk window blinds

This isn’t the first study of its kind, but it is further evidence of why window blinds are the unsung heroes of the fight against climate change. If you use your central heating system less, it doesn’t put as much strain on the power network. This means less energy is used to keep Britain warm, fewer carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere and the Earth will stay greener for longer. Having a few extra pennies in your wallet is nice too. 

If you’ve got any questions about window blinds and energy efficiency, you are welcome to contact us. You can email and one of our experts will be happy to speak with you. And if you’d like to find out more about our products, why not download a free brochure or book a design consultation? We can’t wait to hear from you.