Year-Round Benefits Of Solar-R® Blinds

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One of the more popular products that we offer here at Appeal are our Solar-R® blinds. They’re a highly sought-after shading option, perfect for conservatories or large glazed areas. They’re also attractive and highly versatile, so it’s no surprise we get a lot of enquiries about them. 

We’ve noticed though, that there are a couple of misconceptions about Solar-R® blinds (or ‘solar blinds,’ as they’re sometimes called). To clear up any confusion, we thought we’d take a closer look at them. Here is a brief explanation of what Solar-R® blinds are, and how they can benefit your home all year round. 

Solar-R Roller Conservatory Blinds

What Are Solar-R® Blinds?

Let’s get this cleared up first of all; Solar-R® blinds are not the same as solar-powered blinds. The names might be similar, but while we understand the confusion, they’re two different types. Solar-powered blinds are connected to solar panels that absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity for automated control. Solar-R® blinds meanwhile are designed to reflect the sun’s rays and keep houses cool. 

Solar-R® blinds are defined by their reflecting properties and can reduce incoming heat by as much as 74%. This helps conservatories and orangeries remain comfortable, even during the height of summer. They’ll stop rooms from becoming unbearably hot, and make your home feel lighter and airier.

Year-Round Advantages

This will be good news for anyone who’s ever struggled to keep an extension cool in the blistering heat of August, but they don’t just have summertime advantages. They form an additional thermal layer that traps heat and makes it easier to maintain internal household temperatures. This means they keep your home warm in the winter as well as cool in the summer, simultaneously reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint. 

Their UV-reflecting properties have full-time benefits as well. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can cause plants to die and furniture to fade, but with Solar-R® blinds this is less of a problem. If you want your cushions to retain their colour and your peace lilies to live longer, Solar-R® blinds are the way forward. The reduced glare means it’s possible to watch TV or use a tablet easily too. 

That aside, they’re also made with extra attention to detail. The fabric is stitched rather than taped, extending their lifespan and making them one of the most durable blinds on the market.  

benefits of electric conservatory blinds

For all these reasons and more, we’re exceptionally proud of our Solar-R® blinds. They’re available in multiple colours and configurations so are highly versatile. They’re perfect for transforming your conservatory or extension and you’ll enjoy the rewards all year long.

If you’d like to get started on your own solar window blinds project, you’re more than welcome to contact us. Why not book a no-obligation design consultation today? Or if you want to see our full range of shading products, you can download a free brochure to learn more.