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Why Choose Appeal Home Shading?

The level of personal service sets Appeal apart, along with superior standards in home shading solutions.

Beautiful and bespoke, all Appeal Home Shading products are individually designed and fashioned to help transform your conservatory and home interiors into highly desirable and distinctive living spaces.

Appeal are unique in being able to help you achieve this.

Not just because we are genuine specialists with over 24 years of manufacturing, design and installation experience. Or because we offer the most comprehensive and innovative choice of home shading products on the market. Or even because of our superior product quality – using raw materials sourced from sustainable sources, handcrafted to exceptional standards. But by also providing you with a level of personal service that is second to none.

A specialist Appeal Design Consultant is personally assigned to you. They will come to your home to discuss ideas and options, offer their expert advice and help you arrive at the ideal home shading solution for your interiors. This way our craftsmen can create individually distinctive conservatory blinds, window blinds, window shutters and architectural blinds that perfectly complement and enhance your home.

It is this level of personal service and individual attention that sets Appeal apart from the rest and why we continue to offer superior standards in home shading solutions.

And furthermore, we assure the quality of our Conservatory Blinds by offering a 5-year guarantee.

For a further demonstration of our commitment to the best in quality and customer care, take a look at our Company Pledge to see the goals that everyone in the Appeal team have agreed to work towards.

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