Design Ideas For Lantern Roof Blinds

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Lantern roofs are all the rage at the moment. For the past couple of years, they’ve been a very popular installation and have taken the home improvement industry by storm. They’re perfect for maximising light levels and are a stylish, eye-catching addition to houses of all shapes and sizes. 

Like all types of windows though, they require a shading option. Yes, having all that sunlight pouring in is wonderful, but it can be problematic if you’ve got no control over it. That’s where Appeal Home Shading comes in. We’ve got a specially designed collection of lantern roof blinds to choose from. Read on to learn more. 

ClearView Lantern Roof Blind

Blinds For Lantern Roofs

At this point, you might be wondering if you genuinely need blinds for a lantern roof. We certainly think so. Lantern roofs let in a huge amount of daylight. Because they project upwards from the house, they can catch sunlight from multiple angles, even as the position of the sun changes throughout the day. This can make for a delightfully airy room and it even increases the sense of space, but it can also get too bright. 

This is especially true if you have a TV or computer in the room, or just want to use a touchscreen phone. When the sun is dazzling, screen glare makes it all but impossible to see the latest episode of your favourite show or read your recent WhatsApp messages. Installing window blinds gives you the option to manage the light levels and make your living space far more comfortable. 

Lantern Blind Design Styles

There is a misconception that lantern roof blinds are rather dull and uninviting, but that’s not true. Our ClearView™ lantern roof blinds are available in multiple styles, colours and configurations, so you’re bound to find some that match your personal tastes. There’s a choice of over 130 colours, including blackout and non-blackout and they’re made bespoke to order. 

You can also banish all those thoughts about unsightly cords dangling from the ceiling. Lantern roofs might be overhead installations, but because we offer motorised blinds, there’s no need for a cord. They can be programmed with ULTRA® Smart technology and respond automatically to certain weather conditions, light levels and temperatures. This gives them a quintessentially modern vibe and as the battery is discreet, they won’t clash with your aesthetics.

ClearView Lantern Roof Blind

We’ve installed lantern roof blinds in numerous orangeries and extensions and they always add a terrific finishing touch. If you’ve recently fitted a new lantern roof, or are planning to get one, don’t forget the blinds. Appeal Home Shading are the experts for all overhead shading options, so why not request a free brochure or book a design consultation today? We can’t wait to hear from you.