Can You Use Haus Awnings In Cold Weather?

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Summer was a bit of a washout this year, wasn’t it? The rest of Europe had to endure an extreme heatwave, but it never made it to the UK and we had to put up with grey skies and endless rain instead. Yes, there were a few dry and sunny spells, but weeks went by where we couldn’t leave the Appeal Shading office without an umbrella and raincoat. 

If you’re like us and enjoy a good barbecue or garden party, this could be incredibly frustrating. The good news is that early forecasts for Autumn look promising and while the days are getting shorter, they also promise to be drier. If you own a Haus Awning, you might be tempted to use it more often in the coming months, but this begs one key question; can you use awnings in colder weather?

Haus Awnings In Autumn

Let’s cut to the chase; yes, you can. Haus Awnings are a shading option and it’s natural for people to assume they’re mainly for summertime use, that’s when the sun is supposed to be out after all. However, there’s no reason you can’t use them throughout the year. Our Haus Awnings are built to last and they’ve been designed to resist a light shower during the changing seasons. 

This will be good news for anyone who spent August staring out the window, wondering when the wind and rain would ease off enough to light the barbecue. It might not be as warm in October, but you’ll still be able to extend an awning and host a social event underneath it. The colder temperatures won’t affect the mechanisms until they drop below freezing point and if you’ve got external heaters fitted, you can enjoy a comfortable outdoor party even as the leaves turn brown. 

Wind And Rain Resistant Awnings

With Haus Awnings, your garden and patio can be used throughout the year. Picture yourself hosting a bonfire on November 5th, with kids toasting marshmallows while adults socialise beneath the awning. It sounds very enticing, doesn’t it? And if the weather turns, don’t fret. Haus Awnings can provide shelter from lighter rain and so long as the wind doesn’t get too strong, you can remain outdoors and keep the party going. Looking for a completely weather-proof solution to provide outdoor shelter during even the heaviest of rain storms? We recommend our Haus Pergola, designed with a telescopic leg to allow easy rain run off. The Pergola has been tested to windforce 6 on Beaufort scale, so there’s no need to head inside if the weather takes a turn for the worst! 

In other words, while we might have had a disappointing summer, there’s no reason to go indoors just yet. With a Haus Awning or Haus Pergola, you can move your outdoor social events to the Autumn and continue to enjoy the natural world. They’ll provide ample shading when the sun is out, but will also keep off lighter showers and give you a nice central point to gather around when night draws in. They’re also widely customisable and can be made bespoke to order, with added lights, heaters and weather sensors all adding to their functionality. 

patio shade awning

If you’d like to find out more about how Haus Awnings can extend the outdoor social season into September and beyond, why not download a free brochure? You’ll find a wealth of information about our awnings and other products, or you can book a free design consultation. We’ll be able to discuss your next project and help you every step of the way. Get in touch and let’s create something together.