Window Blinds And Attic Extensions

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If you are lucky enough to have a usable attic space in your home, don’t let this extra room go to waste! Attic extensions can be a big renovation project but they are worth every single penny. Once you have transformed your attic, it is time to think about dressing and designing your new space. The sloping ceiling in an attic extension can be fitted with various window styles, depending on your needs and interior design preferences. Whether you choose dormer windows, gable-end profiles or sloping skylights, you are going to want to cover them with a perfectly fitted set of blinds. 

If you are new to the home renovations world, you may not know where to start when it comes to window blinds and attic extensions – but we are here to assist! At Appeal Shading, we help homeowners transform their homes with cutting-edge shading solutions. Here’s what our design experts believe are the best window blind designs for an attic conversion. 

attic extension window blinds

Windows For Attic Conversions

The best blinds for an attic extension will depend on the type of windows that have been installed. For example, when windows have been placed into the roof space, the blinds will need to be fitted using a specific type of mechanism. This particular installation is needed to keep the blinds in place and stop them dangling down away from the window – we can all agree that this would not be a good look! 

Popular window choices for attic extensions include:

  • Dormer – These windows are installed vertically onto the slopes of an attic roof. The window protrudes onto the roof and may require planning permission. This attic window style is a popular choice and will allow ample natural light to enter your loft space.
  • Skylights – A skylight can be directly installed into the roof and will create a space in the ceiling for natural light to filter down into the room. Skylights are available in various sizes and contemporary designs can offer enhanced insulation for your attic extension.
  • Balcony – If you are looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing, a balcony window could be the best option for your attic extension. These windows have a traditional appearance and can add a touch of classic charm to your conversion. Balcony windows open out onto a small balcony space, making them a good choice if you are also looking to create an emergency exit for your attic extension.
  • Gable end – When we are talking about gable-end, we are referring to the place where the two points of a ridged roof meet and form a triangle shape. Gable end windows are designed to fit within the triangular space and allow natural light to flood into your attic. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Blinds For Your Attic Extension

Before choosing the best window blinds for an attic extension, it is important to consider the following: 

  • What will you be using your attic space for? – For example, if it will just be used as a storage area, natural light may not be a priority, However, if you plan to use the space as a home office or bedroom, you will want added insulation and control over how much light enters the room. 
  • What is your budget? – There are many different blind styles available on the market today and they all come with varying price tags. As is the case with all renovation projects, take the time to consider your available budget before making a purchase. 
  • How much light do you need/want? – If you plan to use your attic as a bedroom, blackout blinds are a must to stop you from waking up to the sunrise every day. Also, you will need to consider the position of your windows and the daily movements of sunlight. The brightness of your attic will change throughout the day and you may want to buy blinds to accommodate this. 

attic window blinds

Best Window Blinds For Attic Extensions

Now you have a better picture of your lighting needs and you know the different window styles regularly used to brighten up an attic extension, let’s take a closer look at the blinds available on the market today. 

Gable end blinds – These blinds are the perfect choice for triangular attic windows. Gable end blinds are tailor-made to cover the whole glass panel and contemporary designs also offer enhanced insulation, helping to keep your attic space warm and energy efficient. 

Blackout blinds – Blackout blinds are available in a range of styles and can be made bespoke to fit your chosen window style. High-quality blackout blinds will plunge your attic into darkness and remote-controlled designs can turn day to night with just the touch of a button. 

Energy-saving blinds – Keeping your attic extension at a comfortable temperature all year round can be challenging, but the right set of blinds can provide effective climate control. Energy-saving blinds can be installed in attic windows and the double-layered, pleated design creates a protective thermal barrier. 

Choosing the best window blinds for an attic conversion isn’t always easy, so why not book a consultation with the professionals? Alternatively, you can request a free brochure today to discover our full product range. We look forward to transforming your attic with our state-of-the-art window blinds soon.