National Home Improvement Month

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It might seem surprising, but less than a third of Brits actually love their home as it is. In fact, a staggering 59% of homeowners want to make their homes more comfortable. But here at Appeal, we understand that making home improvements can be harder than it looks – sometimes the most difficult part of a project is knowing where to start.

So, as we come to the end of National Home Improvement Month, we take a look back at the tips and tricks we have shared this month on our social channels all with the aim to encourage homeowners to ‘Make One Change’.

To start with, it’s worth thinking about why you want to make changes. Is it because you want to update your style? Or do you want to make your space safer for the kids? Are you looking to make life a bit easier by introducing smart tech into your home, or maybe, you are just simply looking to increase energy efficiency within your home? Here at Appeal we’ve got you covered – from style to safety, simple to smart tech, we have it all!

Styling Success

Whether you are choosing blinds for a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, no one said they have to be boring!

Rooms that have the same colour palette can be lifted with a print or even a bold colour to turn a window into the focal point of a room. Don’t be afraid to combine curtains with a blind; it gives you more flexibility when it comes to not only styling but filtering out the light and insulating any draughty windows. When doing so, choose coordinating designs, either plain or patterned, that are linked by colour or style.

Trust us you won’t be short of options, with over 400 inspirational fabrics, there is truly something to satisfy every interior palette. From bold patterns and textures, through to more neutral colours, the Appeal Designer Collection of Window Blinds offers you the latest trends in order to create a home you can fall in love with all over again!

Safe & Secure

Many homeowners update their homes for one simple reason, safety.

Safety is important for all homeowners, in particular families with young children, as looped cords on blinds can often present a risk.

If you have blinds with any cords or chains, ensure you keep this out of reach of little hands and opt for blinds that are cordless or have wands. Alternatively, our ULTRA Smart motorised blinds are perfect for this, offering control at the touch of a button, completely eradicating the need for a cord or wiring.

Smart Sense

Let’s not forget the smart thinkers of the world, or even those who just want ease of comfort, we have the answer for putting smart at the heart of your home.

Smart or motorised blinds are surging in popularity in the UK, with innovative motorised devices that allow you to control your blinds at the touch of a button or through your smartphone itself!

Our innovative award-winning ULTRA collection is the hub for our smart blind offering. Featuring an abundance of technology including:

  • Powered blinds
  • One-touch control
  • Light and temperature sensors – this is a great feature as it protects furnishings and carpets from damaging sunlight
  • Voice activation through ULTRA PLUS for Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Optional ULTRA PLUS smartphone/tablet app

And, not forgetting being ULTRA-stylish!

Remember, you aren’t on your own with making these decisions. If you would like some advice on which blind best fit your needs, why not book an appointment with one of our design specialists today for more help? And of course, do keep your eyes peeled for more tips from our Appeal experts – April may be over but we are always looking to #makeonechange!

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