Thermal Conservatory Roof Blinds – Costs vs Savings

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If you’re anything like us here at Appeal, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the news. We’ve found that after 2 years of being out of the COVID era, we’re finally seeing some recovery as a country and as a happy result, people all over the nation are finally looking to renovate their homes. 

However, we understand that there is a difference between “recovery” and “recovered” and one of the many growing concerns about any home renovation project is the cost. Now that people finally have the time, money, and headspace to think about renovation, we’d like to highlight how home renovation can be seen as an investment rather than a financial setback. Because contrary to popular belief, home renovation in the long term saves you money, hence why it’s an investment.

Why Are Conservatory Blinds An Investment?

Take our Thermal Conservatory Roof Blinds. Thermal is in the name for a very good reason. Their purpose is to reflect the glare of the sun in the summer months to avoid a greenhouse effect and to stop heat escaping through the roof glazing in the colder months. Depending on your choice of fabric, blind style, and the project’s size, you could be saving hundreds or even thousands in the long run. 

How Much Money Can Thermal Conservatory Roof Blinds Save You?

The easiest example to use in terms of energy efficiency would be our Solar-R conservatory blinds. It’s purpose-built to address solar energy that’s flooding your home in the summer and insulate your roof throughout the winter seasons. 

Given that they reflect up to 74% of solar energy, they outperform any other roof blinds on the market, especially at the price that we offer. 

In doing so, we’ve found that you can save a conservative estimate of 18% on your energy bills throughout the year. Given their insulating properties and thermal efficiency, they should be seen equally as a temperature control feature as well as an architectural add-on to your household. 

How Do Thermally Efficient Blinds Work?
This has very little to do with what they are and everything to do with what they’re made out of, as well as how they’re made.

Our Honeycomb Blinds are another example of our thermally efficient product ranges. They’re designed to be in a hexagonal cellular structure, which in turn traps still air inside it. As opposed to Solar R blinds that reflect solar energy, the Honeycomb Blinds trapt warm air thanks to how they act as a thermal barrier. As you can tell by the running theme, thermally efficient blinds don’t absorb heat or stop it in its tracks, they actively reflect it away from your home. Regardless of whether or not the conduit of heat is light or air, here at Appeal, we have solutions that can cater to the specific needs of your home.

So Are Conservatory Blinds An Investment?
Absolutely. It’s less of a case of whether or not they are and more of a question of how much money they can save you in the long run. 

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