What are the Most Stylish Blinds?

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What are the most stylish blinds? This can be a tricky question due to the subjectivity of both style and design. The most stylish blind will depend on what you prefer! But finding out which style and design of blind best suits your home can prove to be invaluable if you are looking to elevate the aesthetics of your property, both inside and out. In this guide, we will take a look at our range of stylish blinds, highlighting their best visual aspects and how they can enhance the style of your home.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds boast an undeniable simplicity that brings a minimalistic style to the interior of your home. Combining simple aesthetics and practicality, it’s no wonder many consider this to be the most stylish blind.

Manufactured from durable fabrics and with vertical operation, our Roller blinds can be integrated with ULTRA Smart technology. They can easily be retracted with the press of a button via remote control or wall mounted switch. Our ULTRA PLUS upgrade allows our Roller blinds to be controlled via smartphone app or voice command.

We make our roller blinds to order, meaning that they are manufactured to your exact measurements. This ensures a completely seamless and perfect fit. We take our time to offer a completely bespoke shading solution. With our range of over 400 fabric colours and patterns for you to choose from, ranging from minimal hues to striking shades, we have an option for every home.

Finestra Blinds

Another type of stylish blind is our Finestra blinds. They offer a unique shading solution for any home, as they provide subtle light diffusion with their ability to angle their shades, allowing for a controlled level of sunlight to enter your home, offering a peerless amount of light control for those who want a dim, but illuminated interior or some privacy. Available for both windows and doors, Finestra blinds can stretch all the way down to the floor from the top of a patio door, offering total coverage for those looking for complete privacy, allowing for homeowners to use our stylish opaque textured fabric to limit that intrusive sun glare.

Finestra blinds are an undeniably stylish blind, as they offer an enhanced visual appeal. The vertical louvres and textured fabric offer a beautiful aesthetic that offers an extremely flexible property piece that looks great whenever they are partly or fully retracted.

Pleated Blinds

Another one of our stylish blinds is the Pleated blinds. Comprising a timeless elegance, its simplicity makes for a compelling minimalistic style that can easily fit into any type of property, be it traditional or modern. They aren’t just limited to windows either, they can fit onto patio and bifold doors too, showcasing not only their peerless style, but they’re flexible also.

Through the utilisation of our Advanced Perma-Pleat technology, these stylish blinds can prevent any gathering or stacking towards the base. While a minimum stack height and ingenious anti-fanning system will always ensure our pleated blinds combine designer style with a discreet and tidy appearance.

Our Pleated blinds are also manufactured to order, meaning that we tailor these stylish blinds according to your specifications. We also offer further customisation through the use of our ULTRA smart technology that can help configure these stylish blinds, automating it based on time, temperature, and other variables to help make your life at home that much easier.

Speaking of home automation, did you know that our stylish blinds utilise a PowerDrive motor that operates on a long lasting, albeit discreetly installed battery? This allows you to easily open or retract their pleated blinds with the click of a button, be it through remote control, wall mounted panel, or even through your smart devices. Our Pleated blinds can be manufactured with a Honeycomb Energy Saver fabric. We also offer our aluminium backed, exclusive Alu-Pleat variant and Crush Perlex.

The Most Stylish Blinds from Appeal

What are the most stylish blinds? Here at Appeal, all of the blinds that we provide are not only stylish but brimming with beneficial practicality that can make your life at home easier and make your surroundings modern. Our many stylish blinds include Roller blinds, Finestra blinds and Pleated blinds. Our other stylish blinds include our Honeycomb blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, blackout blinds, original French Pinoleum blinds, café blinds and many more.

To find out more, request a free brochure online today or arrange a complimentary design consultation with our experts. We will work closely with you to recommend the most stylish blinds for your home, made to measure and designed according to your specifications.