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What are the best modern window treatments for your home? At Appeal, we know that making your windows look great can make the rest of your home look even better. That’s why, with our innovative and stylish home shading solutions, we can offer a wide range of window treatments to suit any home and any aesthetic. We can offer a solution to suit you, from window blinds to shutters and even window insect screens.

However, the best modern window treatments should always be bespoke to you. After all, your home is like no other, and the same goes for your approach to styling your living space. As a result, Appeal’s full range of modern window treatments is fully customisable, and you can choose bespoke sizes, colours and fabrics for your ideal fit. You can also pick from several styles across our range, meaning you can go for something traditional, modern or unique.

At Appeal, we have modern window treatments for any home. We have unique, patented technology, classic designs, and even alternative window treatments that you might not have considered. So, if you want to give your window a new lease of life, take a look through our full range of window treatments today. And, if you want to speak to our team about installing one of them, why not request a free design consultation by clicking here?

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Types of Window Treatments

Modern Window Blinds

Our most popular modern window treatments are our range of window blinds. Available in several styles, from Roller to Roman and Pleated to Venetian, our durable, hard-wearing designs are sure to enhance your home. Our blinds can act as an additional layer of insulation when covering your windows, meaning you can keep your home warm no matter the time of year. Not only that, our blinds don’t have any unsightly cords, and no mains wires are required to make our blinds child safe.

With our full range of options, you can also benefit from innovative, cutting-edge technology. For example, our unique Honeycomb Energy Saver blinds have a patented, double-layered hexagonal fabric that traps more heat inside your home during the winter. And, with the option of ULTRA Smart technology, your blinds can adjust at the touch of a button. And, if you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Nest, you can ask your blinds to do so, and they’ll extend or retract neatly without a hitch.

Modern Window Shutters

For a more traditional look, though, you could take a look at our modern window shutters. These designs combine old and new seamlessly, creating modern window treatments that look like classic designs but perform like new ones. Our wooden window shutters are sturdy and stylish, and you can install them for bay windows and other special shapes. Additionally, we use resilient timber in our shutters to ensure they’re low maintenance and durable enough to last for decades.

Our window shutters are brilliant for privacy too. If you want to keep prying eyes out when you’re using your kitchen or your bathroom, then our shutters can cover the full aperture of your windows to shut out all light. And, with a range of custom colours available, our modern window treatments will look exactly as you envision them. We have hundreds of options to choose from to create your dream modern window treatments!

Alternative Modern Window Treatments

We also know that some homeowners have different needs when looking for modern window treatments. Because of this, we’ve created a broad range of options to help you find your best fit. And, if you’re after something bespoke, Appeal’s friendly design team can help you create it. We can create unique window treatments to suit large windows, awkward shaped windows, and even blinds that are safe for your kids.

Appeal’s window treatments are made-to-measure for your home. Because of this, our blinds won’t fold and crease as much as other designs, and they’ll cover the full glazing panel to give you total control of your home’s lighting. You can even invest in blackout blinds with some of our modern window treatments! These options are great for privacy and even improve soundproofing, meaning you can get to sleep without any distractions.

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Modern Window Treatments from Appeal

If you like the look of any of our modern window treatments, then Appeal Home Shading is here to help. No matter your ideas, our team will sit down with you and discuss your options to help you create the perfect blinds for your needs. And, if you don’t need blinds for your windows, you can also get in touch with us for Door Blinds and Conservatory Blinds. Not only that, our Haus Awnings are the perfect way to extend your home into your garden with a stylish, fabric shelter.

Book your free design consultation with our friendly team today to find out more about our modern window treatments. And, for more information, you can download a free brochure. We look forward to helping you!