Important Health & Safety Information for In Home Visits – updated 1st April 2022

To progress your consultation request/order, we will be required to visit your property. To facilitate this visit, we have taken measures to reduce risk both to you and to our employees in line with the Government’s guidelines.

If a Public Health Authority, NHS or Government Department has asked you to self isolate then we will re-appoint your home visit to a time when the isolation period is completed. All our staff follow strict health and safety protocols and the current government guidance regarding self isolation.

It is important that all parties follow the strict non-contagion guidelines contained in the document below which is based on Government guidelines.

Appeal Group Policy document – updated and issued 1st April 2022

The following policy is designed to ensure a safe working environment as well as establish best practice within Government guidelines.

1. Sales, Survey & Installation Appointments. At the point of booking the appointment, where a customer asks what Covid protocols are in place then please direct them to our website. All Appeal Representatives should read and be familiar with the protocols detailed on the website.
1.1. Appeal representatives will follow the Government directives in relation to COVID-19 and will not conduct Home Visits if they are required to self-isolate or have tested positive within 5 days prior to the appointment.
1.2. Customers should advise the Company at the earliest opportunity if they or any member of their household has tested positive for Covid within 5 days prior to the appointment or if they are required to self-isolate. The appointment can then be rebooked once the period of self-isolation has ended.
2. Before arriving at the appointment, Appeal representatives should check they have the following items:
2.1. Suitable quantities of hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial/viral wipes and a clean face covering is available.
2.2. All samples, displays, folders, IT equipment, phones and tools are cleaned with anti-viral wipes.
2.3. Hands are cleaned with alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
2.4. Only items essential to the visit are to be taken into the property.

Face Coverings
3. 3. Company representatives are to offer customers the choice whether or not face coverings are worn during the Home Visit.  Where a customer requests face coverings are worn then Appeal representatives must comply with this request.

The Greeting
4. When greeting the customer, the following must be followed:
4.1. Stand well back from the door to allow space for the customer.
4.2. Visibly re-clean your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
4.3. Ask the customer if they would prefer if the face covering is to be worn. If requested by the customer, this request MUST be complied with.
4.4. Specifically request entry to the property, consent must be given prior to entry.

During the Appointment
5. Whilst in the customer’s property, the following must be followed:
5.1. Observe the area prepared for the appointment and if not suitable request another location. It is recommended that:
5.1.1. Only the customer and one other be present, the exclusion of children should be encouraged.
5.1.2. Adequate space to allow social distancing.
5.1.3. In very small spaces such as bathrooms where work or measurements are required only the Appeal representative should enter the room, hold discussions outside these spaces.
5.2. Do not touch surfaces when transiting the property unless essential.
5.3. Items such as samples should be placed in a suitable position when offered to the client then back away to allow them to pick up and handle, this includes IT.

After the Appointment
6. After departing the property, the following must be followed:
6.1. Remove and dispose of face covering as appropriate.
6.2. Wipe down equipment touched by the client.
6.3. Where possible tools should be laid out and sprayed with Dettol spray.
6.4. Waste removed to be bagged and disposed of responsibly.
6.5. IT/Phones to be wiped clean.
6.6. Hands cleaned with hand sanitiser.

It is essential that all parties follow the strict non-contagion guidelines at all times. The protection measures we take ensure you, our valued customers, and our staff are offered the maximum protection at this time.  For any further queries please email

Thank you,
The Appeal Home Shading Team


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