What Size Awning Do I Need?

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With summer having officially arrived, it’s time to start thinking about inviting our friends over for drinks on the patio, or relaxing in the sun on a Sunday afternoon with a nice book and a glass of wine. Awnings can make a massive difference to the usability of our gardens throughout the summer months when the evenings are light and the days are warm.

An awning can provide the outside space with a wonderful shaded social area, perfect for visitors who don’t love sitting in the hot sun all day. It can also be a lovely dining area to keep the sun directly off the table and keep it from getting too hot for dining. It also helps keep the sun out of the room from which the awning extends if it is too bright, saving the interior from overheating when the sun is high in the afternoon.

It can difficult to know exactly where to start with awnings. Luckily, Appeal Home Shading provides three distinct Haus Awning models for you to choose from and one Haus Pergola. Whatever size you’re looking for, we have the perfect choice for you!

The H1650 – The Modest Option

H1650 Haus Awning

To kick things off, for the homeowner that is looking for a modest awning, the H1650 is perfect for you. This awning is available up to 5.5m wide with a projection of up to 3m and provides 16.5sq metres of coverage away from home. This is the smallest of three options we provide here at Appeal Home Shading and is perfect for small patios or homes that aren’t looking to hold big social gatherings with their awnings. 

The H1650, like our other options, features a fully retractable design that folds into a cassette housed on the wall overlooking the area. The German engineered design is exceptionally reliable and provides a perfect shading solution for years to come. Whether you’re looking just to cover your outdoor furniture or just want to sit down for dinner with your family, the compact H1650 will be the best option for you!

The H2450 – The Medium Option

H2450 Haus Awning

Moving up to our medium option, the H2450 is perfect for the homeowner who wants a mix of social potential without investing in a massive awning for larger parties. The H2450 is available up to 7m wide with up to a 3.5m projection and provides 24.5sq metres of shading space. The extra 8sq metres of space is perfect for inviting a small group of friends over for a few drinks or fitting in a slightly larger dining table for outdoor dinner parties!

All of our awnings, including the H2450, are made-to-measure for your home and come in a customisable range of colours and fabrics. With your free design consultation, which you’ll have at the start of the process, our wonderful consultants will help you decide on the colours and patterns that best fit your home’s exterior and outdoor furniture. Their impartial advice will provide you with the knowledge necessary to ensure that you make an informed decision on the style of your Haus Awning.

The MF2600 – The Large Option

Haus MF2600 Awning

For the homeowner looking for the largest Haus Awning that we provide, then you’re looking for the MF2600! This awning comes in at up to 6.5m wide with up to a whopping 4m of projection for a total of 26sq metres of shading. This awning is perfect for the home with a particularly long patio that extends quite far out from the house, and they want to make use of the whole thing. 26sq metres of shading provides ample opportunity for large gatherings and family events!

The MF2600 and the other two awnings we provide are available with motorisation. The operation is controlled by a remote so that you never have to worry about trying to retract it manually and risk breaking it. Haus motorised awnings offer the perfect reflection of modern home design, where automation and remote control are popular!

If the homeowner sees the MF2600 and thinks that’s still not enough, they may be interested in the Haus Pergola. Pergolas are slightly different to Awnings in that they have telescopic legs as part of their design to ensure structural integrity and support for massive shading potential. The Haus Pergola comes in at up to 6m wide with up to 5m of projection for a total of 30sq metres of shading. 

The Haus Pergola – The Largest Option

Haus Pergola

The Pergola works as a semi-permanent covering for your patio. The fabric can easily be retracted into the side channels but is also designed to operate during windy and rainy weather. The Haus Pergola has been tested to work up to wind force six on the Beaufort scale, and the legs help promote rain runoff to keep water from collecting on the top of the installation. This product is perfect for the homeowner looking to give their home the ultimate in outdoor shading!

If you’re interested in any of our outdoor shading products, please feel free to book your design consultation today! In the meantime, you can also request one of our free brochures that give you a more in-depth look at our products. You can also check out our inspiration gallery to see all of our products in action!