Wear your colours with pride this general election

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As Britain goes to the polls today there is just one certainty – most will be staying up to the wee small hours to find out the result. The three main party leaders campaigned ferociously up and down Britain yesterday to sway undecided voters. Those who have decided on their party of choice, will be waiting with baited breath for the results later tonight.

Appeal’s Original French Pinoleum blinds can be coloured matched to any colour on provision of colour paint reference. So whether you’re swinging the blue flag for the Conservatives, the yellow for the Liberal Democrats or the red flag for Labour, your blinds can be painted to your preferred party colours.

With the Conservative’s pledges to plant one million new trees and tackle illegal logging, David Cameron will be happy to know that Appeal’s Original French Pinoleum is made from sustainably sourced wood. Thin strips of timber are hand woven together and laser-cut for a perfectly bespoke fit to each and every window frame for any glass space in the home.

The Liberal Democrats’ manifesto sets out how they will work in conjunction with the European Union to deliver a global deal on climate change. Gordon Brown wants everyone to play their part in reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

So cross-party support would be unanimous for Appeal’s market leading ranges of heat reflective blinds. Appeal’s Alu-Pleat blinds® and Solar R® blinds are the most the thermally efficient blinds on the market. These blinds play a significant part in the reduction of excessive heat within a conservatory thus eliminating the need for carbon guzzling air conditioning units and energy using fans. These blinds are both exclusive to Appeal, they reflect an amazing 85% of heat energy back outside. During colder months Alu-Pleat® andSolar R® blinds insulate glass spaces, retaining warmth, preventing excessive heating consumption.

With the uncertainty of the outcome of today’s election results, one thing is for sure…Appeal has a range of blinds,colours and fabrics to suit electors whatever their political persuasion