How Do We Measure For Roof Lantern Blinds?

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If you’ve paid much attention to the home improvement industry, you may have noticed how popular roof lanterns are. They were once an exclusive product and only available to the wealthy, but as building technology has developed they’ve become easier to install and thus, more affordable. Walk around your local neighbourhood and chances are you’ll see a roof lantern or two.

Like all types of glazing, they can be improved even further by adding blinds. Here at Appeal Home Shading, we’ve noticed that more people are asking about roof lantern blinds and we’ve got several available. But sometimes, they get mixed up over how they’re fitted and how we take the measurements. Let’s take a closer look.

ClearView Lantern Roof Skylight Blinds

Measuring For Roof Lantern Blinds

As they’re not shaped by regular household windows, it’s easy to get confused by roof lantern blinds. It’s sometimes assumed that they work in a similar way as conservatory roof blinds and run up the inside, but it’s more straightforward than that. They don’t cover the glass and instead, are fitted to the gap in the ceiling that the lantern sits on. 

So, if you’ve been getting mental images of us awkwardly working a tape measure up into the corners of your lantern, let’s put them to rest. All we need to do is measure the square or rectangular gap and it’s all sorted. It’s a straightforward job and only requires a tape measure, a pencil and paper and a ladder (plus someone to hold it steady). 

What We Do

The way we do this is to place the ladder directly underneath your lantern and climb up. We then take note of the width of the gap in three separate points; either end and the middle, followed by the length on both sides. Here at Appeal, we measure to the mm to ensure the most seamless fit. Our lantern roof blinds are installed within an aluminium frame and so we need to take this into account when measuring.

We’ve done this hundreds of times and it’s all but second nature now for our installers!

ClearView Lantern Roof Blind

And that’s all there is to it! They might have a unique shape, but roof lanterns are comparatively easy to measure for a blind fitting. 

So, if you’re considering the shading on your new roof lantern, why not get in touch? You can call us on 0800 975 5757 to speak with one of our expert staff or download a free brochure to see all of our products. And if you’ve got a project in mind already, book a free design consultation. We can’t wait to work with you.