Long Hot Summer Ahead?

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As the sunshine sets in for a glorious summer season ahead of us, Appeal will exhibit their conservatory blinds and debut their new North American Cedar Wood Shutters during this week’s Chelsea Flower Show (25th – 29th May 2010).

Long hot, sunny days brings the perennial problem for of excessive glare and heat build up in our garden rooms, conservatories or indeed any glass space or glass extension in the home. Appeal’s beautiful conservatory blinds (which have exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show for over 20 years) soften, enhance and complement these glass spaces, whilst protecting the room from excessive glare and heat gain keeping the room at a comfortable temperature naturally.

Appeal is famous for its Original French Pinoleum blinds which transform the harsh rays of the sun into a soft dappled light. Appeal’s Original French Pinoleum material is made up of thin strips of sustainably sourced wood which is hand-woven together. Appeal then tailor makes blinds from this material to fit perfectly within each and every window frame required within your glazed area. Soft flecks of light filter through the Original French Pinoleum blinds – helping to create a calming, relaxing and shaded environment in which to enjoy the upcoming summer days. Appeal’s Original French Pinoleum blinds are available in 22 historic paint colours or can be colour matched to fit an already existing paint colour in the room.

Evidence shows that 70% of summer heat gain, and winter heat loss, is accrued through the roof of a glass space. To overcome the suffocating temperatures that therefore accumulate in these glass spaces on hot sunny, summer days Appeal has pioneered their Solar R® and Alu-Pleat® blinds – the most heat reflective blinds available on the market today. Appeal’s revolutionary Solar R® and Alu-Pleat® conservatory blinds reflect an astonishing 85% of heat energy back outside, thereby keeping these glass spaces at a comfortable temperature naturally. During the winter months these blinds help to insulate the room – preventing heat escaping through the glass thereby reducing fuel bills.

With space in the home at a premium, nowadays it is a requirement that every room in the home be utilised all year round. With Appeal’s Solar R® and Alu-Pleat® blinds the garden room is no longer solely the preserve of summer relaxing and entertaining, but can be enjoyed come summer or winter, without excessive household energy demands.

In addition to the above, Appeal offers a huge variety of alternative conservatory blinds including: Pleated, Venetian, and Honeycomb blinds.