How to make the best use of your HAUS Awning

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The HAUS Awning is a wonderful addition to any home’s garden to create an outdoor social space for events and activities. HAUS Awnings from Appeal extend outwards from home at the touch of a button using ULTRAⓇ Smart Technology. The innovative design allows for the awning to retract itself in adverse weather conditions that might damage it, such as exceptionally strong winds.

Using contemporary lighting and heating technology, your awning can be used any time of day and all year round. So, with such an exceptional addition to our home, you might be thinking, “Well, this is all well and good, but what do I use it for?” Well, that is an excellent question. Luckily, here at Appeal Home Shading, we’re just as much about home design and lifestyle as we are about modern shading solutions.

Get some new furniture!

When looking ahead to the summer, we all want to make sure that we make the best use of our garden spaces. With our new Haus Awning, you have an excellent opportunity to incorporate some brand new outdoor furniture into your garden living space. With the roll around of 2022, we have seen a few new trends popping up in this field. When it comes to colour, it is best to feature neutral and natural tones for your outdoors in 2022. Colours such as sage, cream, cashmere, and beige show promising signs of taking the lead as the primary choice for homeowners. 

After choosing your preferred colour for our outdoor furniture, consider searching for pieces that are made of recycled or sustainable materials. The home design community are going all-in on green and eco-friendly furniture across the whole house this year, so it’s an excellent time to start exploring and experimenting with new and innovative materials. As the world’s concerns drift towards climate change, it’s completely understandable that design trends would follow suit.

Finally, consider the minimalist approach when it comes to your outdoor furniture to place underneath our Haus Awning. Bombastic, loud and overcrowded features that made up much of the design philosophies of the 2010s have been truly left behind and replaced with a perception of less is more. Keep it simple is the message from Appeal Home Shading. Whatever it is you, colours and materials you choose to go with, opting for fewer pieces that take up more space are looking to be the way. Having a single centrepiece plant rather than surrounding yourself with flora will be how you catch eyes with your outdoor space. 

Remember, however, that your outdoor space is yours to decorate how you wish. It is as much an expression of your personality as the inside of your home is. Any outdoor furniture arrangement can work well with a Haus Awning from Appeal Home Shading!

Invite your friends!

Grey Haus Patio Awning MF2600

Now that you have set up your outdoor space with the perfect set of furniture and covered it over with a Haus Awning, what to do with it? Well, now that we’re free of the last two year’s various lockdowns and social distancing rules, we’re once again free to interact with our friends and families freely, and what’s a better way to welcome your social group back to your home than with an impressive new garden set up!

We’re a fan of the classic barbeque here at Appeal Home Shading, and with summer rolling around quickly, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out there and cook some great food with some great company. With your Haus Awning, you can allow everyone to take a break from the summer sun and get some shade just outside your back door. 

Impress with ULTRAⓇ Smart

All of Appeal Home Shading’s Haus Awnings are fully retractable by remote and the awnings are fitted with a special motor that ensures that you never have to worry about manually bringing them in or unfurling them. They also can detect when adverse weather conditions (such as strong winds) have rolled in that might threaten to damage them.

On detection, they automatically retract themselves back into their subtle cassette, ensuring that they are protected from any kind of wind damage. Furthermore, for those who wish to upgrade their awnings to ULTRAⓇ PLUS, you can use your smartphone and the connected app to retract and extend your awning whenever you like, wherever you are!

Haus Awnings from Appeal Home Shading

The Haus Awning from Appeal Home Shading has a versatile range of uses and benefits that it can bring to your home. It provides a wonderful, protected outdoor space for social events and gatherings as a practical choice. As a stylistic choice, it modernises the back of the home, providing it with an on-trend feature that will impress visitors and inspire pride in your home. 

If you’re interested in a Haus Awning from Appeal Home Shading, please feel free to use our online quoting engine to get a quick price within minutes! Alternatively, book a free design consultation with us, and one of our experienced and impartial home design experts will come over and help you figure out which Haus Awning is best for your home, including the colours and materials available. In the meantime, feel free to request a free digital brochure to see our full range of products on offer.

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