How to Keep Your Conservatory Cool this Summer

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As the summer draws ever closer, many of us are getting excited about utilising our conservatories again as the space it is designed to be. That is one of connecting the outside and inside world. While we use our conservatories over the winter, we often find that they can be put aside as a storage space for our outdoor furniture or perhaps some of the outdoor plants that don’t deal well with the crisp winter air. Due to the generally much colder atmosphere within the conservatory over the winter months, we don’t tend to use it as much. Maybe venturing out for an adventurous morning coffee on a frosty morning is all we can hope to get out of our conservatories in the winter. Still, with summer on the horizon, we can spend much more time in our wonderful light living spaces.

However, with the advent of the summer comes the changing of the temperatures. The sun comes out and warms up our homes. For conservatories, this is both a blessing and a curse. Glass and polycarbonate roofs have the habit of amplifying the heat from the UV rays travelling through them and at the height of summer. This can make sitting and enjoying our wonderful spaces impossible due to the heat which can turn out to be a real shame if not managed properly. Your beautiful conservatory can only really be taken advantage of in short bursts throughout the year. So how do you circumvent this? How best to keep the conservatory cool enough to enjoy it properly throughout the summer? The answer: proper shading from Appeal Home Shading

We at Appeal Home Shading offer a vast selection of Conservatory Blinds that provide a variety of strengths to control your conservatory’s temperature. When it comes to temperature control, all of our Conservatory Blinds provide excellent thermal reflection and thermal retention throughout the year. However, when it comes to prioritising keeping your conservatory cool throughout the summer, there are three key products from Appeal Home Shading that can help.

The Solar R® Roller Blinds.

conservatory roller blinds

The Solar R® Roller Blinds are the perfect solution for homeowners looking to add a modern and minimalist touch to their conservatory. Whether their conservatory is of traditional or modern decor, the Solar R® Roller Blind will fit in regardless, adding a touch of class and sophistication. The Solar R® Roller Blind is the industry leader roller blind when it comes to solar reflection. With this product, you can expect a significant reduction in heat absorption with the Solar R® Roller Blinds’ 74% thermal reflection capabilities. This means that the blinds can reflect the hot UV rays coming through the ceiling and windows back to the outside throughout the hot summer, stopping much of the heat from lingering in the conservatory. 

Furthermore, like a roller blind, the Solar R® excels as a minimalistic choice for the homeowner who doesn’t want to change too much about their conservatory but improve its thermal performance.

The Honeycomb Energy Saver Blinds.

Ultra Smart Honeycomb pleated door blinds

Next on the list is the Honeycomb Energy Saver Blind. This innovative and modern addition to the home is perfect for homeowners looking to decrease their carbon footprint and live in a greener household. The Honeycomb design results from a unique, double-layered and hexagonal shape that provides its excellent thermal performance, both in thermal reflection and thermal retention. With the HoneyComb Energy Saver Pleated Blinds, you can expect a reduction in heat absorption by 78%, saving your conservatory from turning into a sweltering greenhouse during the height of summer. Furthermore, with this product, you can also expect a reduction in heat loss by 46% during the winter, keeping your conservatory warm enough to sit all year round and keeping the home’s energy costs down.

The Alu-Pleat® Conservatory Blinds.

Finally, the ultimate thermal reflection option for keeping your conservatory cool in the height of summer is the Alu-Pleat® Blind from Appeal Home Shading. This exceptionally modern innovation has been specifically engineered for the sole purpose of thermal reflection. The Alu-Pleat® Blind boasts the ability to reduce glare and let light into the conservatory whilst also reducing the room’s temperature by 20%. This massive reduction in temperature is due to the integration of aluminium into the typical pleated blind design. The modern design seamlessly blends with any decor or architecture whilst also providing your conservatory with the necessary temperature control it needs.

Cooling your Conservatory with Appeal Home Shading

All of these options are bespoke and made to measure for your conservatory. We offer free design consultations to be assured that you are getting the conservatory shading solution that best matches the decor and architecture of your home. With so many options available, we want to make sure at Appeal Home Shading that all of our customers receive the product that is absolutely best for them.

If you’re interested in using our Conservatory Blinds to keep your conservatory cool this summer, then why not book a free design consultation with us today! We’ll work around your schedule to make sure that you can get the informed and impartial advice that you need. In the meantime, please feel free to use our online quoting engine to get a quick price in minutes and see just how much money you could be saving with Conservatory Blinds from Appeal Home Shading.

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