How Much of a Difference Do Commercial Blinds Make to your Work Space?

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Our workspaces are nearly as important as our home spaces. We spend huge amounts of time in the week working hard in our offices, stores and warehouses. No matter where it is that you ply your trade, it is hugely important to have the appropriate amount of lighting for a whole host of reasons. Natural light improves the mood and helps our natural body clocks align with the day’s passing. We lose our internal sense of time without any light, bringing unnecessary stress into the workspace. 

Similarly, too much light can make work difficult. For those who work in office spaces with screens throughout the day, glare from the sun can force our eyes to strain to see what we’re working on, causing headaches and migraines. People who work in workshops may find that bright streams of light coming directly into the store can cause dangerous reflections on materials or tools, creating a hazard that will need to be accounted for during a risk assessment.

Here at Appeal Home Shading, we offer Commercial Blinds to all kinds of companies in all kinds of sectors, but how much of a difference can they really make?

The Practical Benefits

Commercial Blinds for Windows

Commercial Blinds from Appeal Home Shading offer a shading solution that seeks to resolve the practical issues that can come with too much light in the workspace. Our shades are proven to reduce UV exposure to the room exceptionally well, keeping out the bright light that can cause issues in the space. You’ll never have to be concerned again with that annoying glare that consistently causes you a headache by the end of the day. Or the bright stream of light that comes in around lunchtime, which makes standing in one part of the workhouse completely blinding. Too much light can make it difficult to work, which is why it is so important to have the ability to manage this issue properly.

Likewise, our commercial blinds give you better temperature control across your workspace with this increased control over UV exposure. Our blinds are excellent thermal reflectors, helping to keep excessive heat out during the summer but also keep the warmth in during the winter. We’ve all had days of sitting with our backs against the window whilst the sunbeams through on a midsummer working day, slowly cooking us in our work chairs. 

Those that are on their feet all day need a necessary level of coolness in their commercial space to prevent overheating and exhaustion. Temperature control is just as important as light control when it comes to our working environments, and our blinds don’t just keep the heat out. They also keep the heat in. Over the winter months, our commercial spaces use up a lot of energy to keep them warm throughout the working day. An excellent way to reduce overheads is to regulate the temperature of the building properly. High-quality blinds and shades help to keep warmth from escaping through glass windows, improving the thermal efficiency of your office, store, hotel or bar. Whatever kind of commercial space you inhabit during the week, you can be assured that thermal efficiency will be noticeably improved with Commercial Blinds from Appeal Home Shading.

The Aesthetic Benefits

bespoke venetian blinds prices

Commercial Blinds don’t just offer a practical solution, they also offer genuine aesthetic benefits. For instance, our Aluminium Venetian Blinds provide a slick and professional finish to an office space. The modern stylistic choice for offices is one of minimalism and maximum space. With the Aluminium Venetian Blind option, the office gains a subtle yet noticeable design feature that creates a feeling of integrity and professionalism.

Similarly, a hotel or bed and breakfast would greatly benefit from our vast array of coloured and patterned roller blinds. If you’re looking for that finishing touch on the look of your reception or rooms that match the furniture you so carefully picked out, then a Patterned Roller Blind from Appeal Home Shading might be just what you’re looking for. We offer free design consultations to all of our prospective customers and clients. Our consultants are impartial and informed, with the goal in mind of helping you find the perfect shading solution for your space. They have full knowledge of our products and extensive experience in the home design industry. They will use it to your benefit and help you find exactly what will be of the most aesthetic benefit to your commercial space.

Commercial Blinds from Appeal Home Shading

In answer to the original question, the difference is huge. With Appeal Home Shading Commercial Blinds, you gain greater control over the temperature of the space and complete control over the lighting, saving your colleagues and employees headaches and potential risk factors in their day to day. Whilst the practical benefits are numerous, the aesthetic benefits are not to be forgotten. Well implemented shades, as ensured by your free design consultation, provide the perfect finishing touch to your working environment. The difference is noticeable and effective in both the practical and aesthetic sense.

Appeal Home Shading manufactures every set of Commercial Blinds to order, ensuring you receive a bespoke and made to measure product. If you’re interested in this excellent opportunity to improve your workspace, please book a free design consultation with us today! In the meantime, feel free to request a free digital brochure to have a look through our vast range of products.

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