Why You Should Install Office Blinds

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Controlling the environment in an office isn’t easy. Whether your workforce consists of five people or fifty, you can guarantee that they won’t be able to agree on the most comfortable temperature or lighting arrangement. Finding a balance that suits everyone can be a real challenge. 

That’s why it’s important to do anything possible to reduce arguments and make working life easier. Installing commercial blinds is one way, and at Appeal Home Shading, we can help you choose the right ones for your workspace. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Aluminium Venetian in office with Alexa

Better Control Over The Lighting

Normal lighting for one person can be dazzling for another. Everyone has different preferences, and it can be difficult to cater to them all. Plus, some of your staff may have eyesight problems or be prone to migraines; you’ll want to assist them in preventing any long-term issues. 

Office blinds can help keep people happy. They offer greater control over how much daylight enters your office, especially if separated into independent sections. One employee might want extra daylight flooding their desk, while another wants to control the glare on the screen; having the opportunity to keep some blinds open while shutting others increases your chances of making more people happy.

Reduce Screen Glare

Picture the scene; you’re on a video meeting with several important clients. You’re in the middle of pitching an idea that could revolutionise the industry and make your career, but at the crucial moment, the sun pokes its face out from behind a cloud. Light comes streaming in and reflects off the screen. You’re dazzled by the glare and lose your train of thought. The clients are left unimpressed and unconvinced, and months of work count for nothing. 

You could have avoided this if you had installed office blinds. They regulate the light coming in, reduce screen glare and prevent unwanted surprises. A set of curtains would plunge the room into darkness, but blinds give you a well-lit room without unwanted glare.

Aluminium Venetian in office with desk

Increased Privacy And Security

Let’s not overlook the security benefits either. Offices are full of equipment that thieves would love to get their hands on, and having the windows open all day gives them a good look at your expensive computers. Blinds are a good way to make the office more private without shutting you off from the outside world.

More Practical Than Curtains

It doesn’t matter if you’re installing blinds in a home office or a commercial one; they’re more practical than curtains. Unlike curtains, blinds are easy to clean, maintain, and adjust, so you’ll save time and money keeping them in working order.

modern blinds

Temperature Control

One of the benefits of blinds is that they are great for controlling room temperature. Window blinds reflect the sun’s glare and thus reduce the incoming heat, helping offices stay cooler during the stifling summer months. They can also trap internal heat during the winter, meaning you’ll save money on energy bills when the outside temperature drops.

Commercial Blinds From Appeal Home Shading

Here at Appeal Home Shading, we offer a wide range of commercial blinds. Whether you run a multi-storey office or just want to reduce glare in a classroom, we can help you make the right choice. 

So get in touch with us today. You can request a free brochure if you want to examine our products in detail or book a free design consultation with one of our experts. A fantastic set of office blinds are only a few clicks away.