Why Should You Choose Blackout Blinds?

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Why should you invest in blackout blinds for your home? After all, your windows and doors are there to let light inside. But, sometimes, windows and doors can let in more light than you bargained for. Intense sunlight and glare can make your living space difficult to use, while your home’s temperature could drop on colder days. As a result, your home gets less comfortable, and it gets further from your control.

But, by installing durable blackout blinds from Appeal Home Shading, you’ll always feel comfortable inside your home. Our blackout blinds are made-to-measure, covering the entire glass section of your windows and doors. That way, you can shut the world out fully, and make your home warmer too.

At Appeal, we stop at nothing to give you the best blackout blinds on the market. We offer them in a range of styles, hard-wearing fabrics, and with a variety of colours to style them in. Also, their thermal efficiency could help you save money over time. By adding a new layer of protection for your windows and doors, you could end up cutting the cost of your energy bills!

why should you choose blackout blinds

Improve Thermal Efficiency with Blackout Blinds

One of the main benefits of blackout blinds is that they warm up your home. As these blinds make your home darker, they can absorb more energy from the sun without letting it through. Not only does this massively reduce glare, but the blinds can also improve your home’s thermal efficiency.

When the temperature drops outside, some glass windows and doors can let the cold pass into your home. But blackout blinds add another layer of protection for them, stopping the cold passing through. Because of this, you can hold on to your home’s energy for longer as well, meaning you don’t have to rely on your central heating as much to retain your home’s warmth.

With Appeal, then, you could make an investment that saves you money inside your home. Not only that, but our blackout blinds are a far more affordable option than replacing your windows! That means you can make your money go further, all while making your living space a more comfortable place to live.

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Improved Lighting Control with Blackout Blinds

The thing most people notice about blackout blinds is how effective they are at blocking out light. When you extend them over your window or door, the blackout fabric will block light very effectively, meaning your room is plunged into darkness straight away. If you have trouble sleeping, then blackout blinds could be the solution you need to get some well-earned shuteye.

However, blackout blinds don’t just offer you a binary choice – you can decide to let some light in instead of none at all. With our Aluminium Venetian blinds, you can control the slats inside to let only a certain amount of light in, transforming how your home looks and feels. And, with ULTRA Smart technology, you can do it all by remote-control, making the process effortless.

Blackout blinds are also a great option in the daytime. On warm summer days when the sun reflects a little too much, you can pull them down to give your eyes a break. If you like to unwind and relax, blackout blinds can help with that as well. Simply pull them down, and you’ll create a cosy space for reading or napping that shuts the world’s worries out.

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Improved Privacy with Blackout Blinds

Finally, blackout blinds can give you something that’s perhaps more valuable than anything else – peace of mind. If you have large windows and doors, then sometimes you might feel exposed. For example, a burglar or intruder might be able to see into your home, potentially making what matters to you a target for them. Blackout blinds, though, allow you to keep things close without worrying about prying eyes.

You can extend them quickly, and you’ll get complete protection from anybody trying to look inside your home. At Appeal, we make your blinds to your order, and we can meet special requirements too. That means you’ll get blinds that cover any window or door, no matter the shape or size.

You can also be sure that, when you choose Appeal for your blackout blinds, you’ll get designs that last. We use hard-wearing materials such as pleated fabric or even aluminium that perform for decades. Also, our ULTRA Smart technology is wire-free, child safe and fully rechargeable, meaning you’ll be able to operate your blinds at the touch of a button with ease.

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Installing Blackout Blinds from Appeal Home Shading

With Appeal Home Shading, it’s never been easier to install new blackout blinds for your home. All you have to do is explore our full range, pick the style you want, tell us the size and shape you need it in, and that’s it! From there, we’ll take care of the whole process. We’ll manufacture your blackout blinds to order, and our friendly installation team will fit them to your exact specifications.

If you’d like to find out more about Appeal’s blackout blinds, request a free brochure today. Alternatively, for any further advice about what blinds could work for you, why not ask for a free design consultation with our team? With them, you can see the possibilities for your home more clearly.

We look forward to hearing from you at Appeal!