Which Window Blinds Are Best For Privacy?

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Which window blinds offer the most privacy? It’s a fair question and one that comes up a lot here at Appeal Home Shading. It’s especially important for anyone living on a busy road, where letting plenty of light into the house while stopping passers-by from looking into the living room can often seem hopeless. 

If that sounds familiar, we’ve got some excellent news; there are multiple options available for controlling light levels while keeping your home hidden from the outside world. For those of you searching for the best window blinds for privacy, here are some of your choices.

Cafe Style Blinds

Cafe blinds are ideal for anyone that wants a well-lit living room but no prying eyes staring in. They’re sometimes referred to as “half window blinds,” and while that isn’t their proper name, it is a very good description. Cafe style blinds can be moved up or down from the bottom or top of a window, giving you the chance to cover half of it and leave the other half clear. 

This versatility means you can block out the view from street level, but still let in ample sunlight through the top part. And despite their name, they can be installed anywhere, so there’s no need to set up a shop counter and an attractive collection of cakes and sandwiches first. 

French Pinoleum Blinds

Another good choice is our original French Pinoleum blinds. These blinds offer a delicate and subdued form of shading; they let in a soft dappled light, even when closed. This gives a home a subdued and calming atmosphere, but it’s also very good for privacy. These blinds might let daylight in, but when enhanced with our optional privacy lining, any nosey parkers won’t see a thing. 

Just like proper champagne, French Pinoleum blinds originate in France. They’re made with delicately woven strips of reed and cut to size with lasers in our workshop in the UK. Our original Pinoleum fabric is exclusive to Appeal and delivers exceptional performance. These blinds can do wonders for the ambience and they’ll keep your home secure too. 

French pinoleum roof blinds

Pleated Blinds

Lastly, let’s shine a spotlight on (and through) our pleated window blinds. These have a timeless elegance and there’s a certain, simplistic charm about them. And if you opt for a lighter-coloured fabric, a degree of sunlight will still filter in when they’re closed. This makes them ideal for reducing glare on television screens or computer monitors without plunging a room into darkness.

Even with the sunlight filtering in, your privacy will still be intact. For complete peace of mind, you can also upgrade them with automatic sensors. They can be programmed to close in certain light levels, even if you’re not at home. This is great for home security as it’ll prevent any unwanted parties from getting a good look at your valuables and plotting a break-in.

Conservatory Blinds - Pleated

These aren’t the only choices and truth be told, you can’t really go wrong with choosing blinds for privacy. Our entire range will help, it’s just a question of how much light you want to block. There might be no such thing as “translucent window blinds” that block people from looking in while offering you uninterrupted views of the outside world, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your quest for privacy.

So, if you want to get started on your next window blinds project, why not get in touch with Appeal? You can request a free brochure to learn more about our products or book a free design consultation. Don’t delay, let’s see what we can create together.