What Are The Best Retractable Awnings?

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Picture the scene; it’s a beautiful evening, and you’re hosting a barbecue. The burgers are sizzling on the grill, and your friends are sipping cocktails. Suddenly the wind picks up, and the rain is hammering down within seconds. Everyone retreats indoors, but your patio awning needs to be retracted, or it risks damage. 

That’s why it’s wise to consider every scenario when picking a retractable awning. Ideally, you’ll want your awning to be durable, low-maintenance, and easy to use. Choosing a cheaper option can be very tempting, but these have drawbacks. Handles can become stiff over time and difficult to turn, while awnings held up with ropes can be fiddly and complicated. The weather won’t always be nice, and sometimes, you’ll need to put the awning away in a hurry. Being pelted with rain while turning an old, unresponsive handle isn’t fun.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best options we have available at Appeal Home Shading.

H2450 Haus Awning

H2450 Haus Awning

The H2450 Haus Awning is our reliable ‘middle of the park’ option. This one is weather-resistant and easy to maintain. It’s controlled with a remote, meaning it can be fully retracted with the click of a button, and there’s no need to work up a sweat getting it back into place. So if the heavens open, you’ve got time to rescue the burger buns while the awning retracts on its own. 

The H2450 offers up to 24.6 square metres of coverage. It’s made to measure and ideal for providing shade in family homes, and thanks to our wide range of colours and designs, it can be tailored to fit your aesthetic. 

Best of all, it’s fitted with weather sensors. So if you’re halfway across the Atlantic when you remember you left the awning out, don’t panic. It will retract by itself if the wind picks up. When you return from your holiday, your awning will be discreetly secure and locked away, rather than torn into pieces and scattered across the garden.

Haus MF2600 Awning with Anthracite posts

MF2600 Haus Awning

At the larger end of the scale, we have the MF2600 Haus Awning. This model is perfect for families with bigger patios or gardens to shade and provides up to 26 square metres of coverage. 

Like the H2450, it can be operated with a remote control. It can also be upgraded with ULTRA®PLUS technology and linked to a tablet or smartphone. No matter how bright the sun gets, it’ll be a long time before it starts fading too. It’s dyed using the Spinneret dyeing process, so your colour scheme will remain vibrant for years.  

The MF2600 isn’t just a spring or summer choice either. Want to host a wine party on your patio in the depths of winter? You can; the MF2600 can be fitted with low-energy LED lights and Infra-red heaters. Your guests will remain warm even as the air turns cold, and it won’t be so dark that someone accidentally knocks a bottle over.

Strong colours are also quite popular for use in garden accents. If you have access to a flower garden with plenty of colour, you may utilise bold colours to call attention to this specific spot.

Basically, whatever tickles one’s fancy is in. Don’t let the most recent awning colour trends influence you. The awning may be tailored to meet the facade, the garden, or your own tastes. You can never go wrong with this. Make your choice while letting your creativity soar.

Awnings From Appeal Home Shading

Here at Appeal Home Shading, our design consultants are always on hand to help you make the right choice. If you’ve been inspired to install a retractable awning, you can book your free design consultation with us today. Or you can request a free brochure to view all our products and see what else we can provide.