The Summer 2022 Trends for Awnings

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Here at Appeal Home Shading we want to make sure that all of our customers are up to date with the latest style trends for all of our products. After all, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand when it comes to interior and exterior home design. We wanted to take some time today explaining what the trends for 2022 have been so far this year and what they’re going to be looking forward to at the end of the year. This summer we have seen a rise in interest across the country for awnings and pergolas and we’ve observed the ways that homeowners are implementing them into their gardens and patios. From that research, we have identified the following trends that are taking the UK by storm in terms of awnings!

Haus Awning TrendsOptional Extras

We’ve seen a huge rise in the amount of awnings that are being fitted with a set of additional extras. Mostly heaters and lights and some with weather sensors that retract the awning as soon as adverse weather conditions appear that threaten to damage it. All of these we provide here at Appeal Home Shading.

It is thus expected that consumers who already possess awnings would wish to upgrade or replace existing parts for the best outcomes. Customers also demand adaptable options; for instance, think about heating and lighting. They want their lighting to be adjustable so that they may create the scene or the atmosphere, for example, dimmed lights for a romantic meal or bright lights for a family gathering. The colour is important, and the most popular choice is 3,500k (warm white). Fun fact: Anything below 3,000k is considered too yellow or orange, while anything beyond 5,000k is considered too white.

Customers often want zone-controlled heating so that different areas may be warmed in accordance with the requirements of the people under the awning.

Colour Trends

In order for these alternatives to function with other garden components like perimeter (border) lights, they will purchase receivers that allow them to run off the same handset as the awning. In order to make it simple to manage all of the aforementioned components from their smartphone, they are also likely to pick app control.

As with the fashion industry, there are undoubtedly awning colour trends. However, they have mostly stayed the same for many years owing to customers’ accurate understanding of which colours they prefer and dislike. There are now more than 200 colours available for awning fabric from Appeal Home Shading!

Grey and other common noble hues, such as beige, may particularly enhance the beauty of a patio or garden. They provide a great touch and give you a tonne of space to express your creativity.

Summer AwningsStrong colours are also quite popular for use in garden accents. If you have access to a flower garden with plenty of colour, you may utilise bold colours to call attention to this specific spot.

Basically, whatever tickles one’s fancy is in. Don’t let the most recent awning colour trends influence you. The awning may be tailored to meet the facade, the garden, or your own tastes. You can never go wrong with this. Make your choice while letting your creativity soar.

Awnings from Appeal Home Shading

Here at Appeal Home Shading our design consultants are always on hand to help you with deciding on the trends that you want to take advantage of to really help your garden go to the next level. You can book your free design consultation with us today! In the meantime, please request a free brochure to get a detailed picture of all of our products.