The Sleek Style of Concealed Electric Blinds

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The words sleek and discreet come up a lot when discussing modern home design trends. Long gone are the days of dangling cords and rolling by hand. With modern technological advancements, home shading has become as much a design feature as a practical one. Minimalism is an eternal design trend because it encompasses more than just your home decor. It is about living in cleaner surroundings with more space. With the modern rise in minimalist design that is likely to stick around for years to come, Appeal Home Shading has prioritised the sleek styling of our Concealed Electric Blinds.

Modern Minimalist Design

modern window treatments

Decluttering unnecessary elements of the room is central to modern minimalist design. In making this extra space, the room looks larger, open, and welcoming. We’ve seen the modern home begin to do away with curtains for just this reason. Curtains take up huge amounts of space around the window and can make your rooms feel smaller than they are. Your home can look and feel larger, modern, and spacious with our discreet electric concealed blinds. 

An effective method of achieving the look of a more spacious home is to have larger windows installed across the walls. The home design market is seeing a massive increase in bifold doors, gable end windows and casement windows that take up entire walls. By allowing massive amounts of natural light into our homes, rooms can be brighter, more colourful and more spacious. Furthermore, by extending the size of our windows, we can appreciate the beautiful views of our outdoor spaces in full, whilst remaining in the cosy warmth of our homes. 

Here at Appeal Home Shading, our large window blinds are designed to complement the features of your large windows. By concealing the blind near the roof framework, we have ensured that no views from your window are blocked. You can be assured that when the blinds are raised, your room retains all the design features a large window provides. Those with large Gable windows need not fret about the unusual shape; our ClearView Gable End Blinds are designed specifically to ensure that your window is covered when the blinds are down but also unobstructed when the blinds are up.

Wireless and Cordless

Beige Motorised Roller Blinds on Doors

We’ve also achieved completely wireless, cableless and cordless blind systems with our concealed electric blinds. As a result, there is no obstruction from dangling cords that can ruin the room’s aesthetic.

More importantly, our concealed electric blinds are completely child safe because of the electric control systems. We have completely eradicated the cord risk with our electric blinds that might be posed to children running around near windows and doors. Furthermore, pet owners among you will likely have experienced cats attempting to jump up and play with dangling elements. That poses as much a risk to them as it does to your blinds! We have over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing blinds for conservatories and around the room. Over this time, we have learned how to develop child-safe blinds with our tie-off cords completely. However, we have now taken that further with our ULTRAⓇ Smart range, which is completely concealed and child safe.

Bespoke to your home

double roller blinds

As the leading bespoke home shading expert, we design, manufacture and install a vast range of blinds for various window sizes, decor styles and shading needs. Our blackout blinds are the way to go for those wishing to block out the light completely. With this concealed electric blind range, you can experience a full unobstructed view of the outside world whilst also having the power to block out the sun when you need to. The perfect solution for light sleepers who still enjoy the daytime views from their windows! 

There are few things worse than waking up prematurely on a lazy Sunday by obtrusive sunlight entering the room. With our blackout blinds, you can be assured that you will be waking up in comfort, ready to greet the day on your terms when you go to sleep. With the touch of a button, you can raise your electric blinds and conceal them near the roof’s framework. You can enjoy the beautiful sunshine with the knowledge that you can shut it out whenever you would like to!

Our entire range of Concealed Electric Blinds have options to be fitted with our ULTRAⓇ PLUS Smart technology. Now, by opening up your smartphone or tablet, you can control the lighting in your room with the swipe of a finger, from wherever you are! Furthermore, if you have Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can sync up your blinds to your voice commands! Our Concealed Electric Blinds are at the forefront of sleek modern home style. Please book your free design consultation with us today and see where Appeal Home Shading options can take you!