The Benefits Of Remote-Controlled Blinds

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When installing a new set of window blinds, you’ve probably wondered whether it’s worth choosing remotely operated ones. On the one hand, they’re very convenient and trendy, but on the other, they probably seem like an extravagance. Why pay extra for batteries, sensors and remote controls when you can just pull a string and get the same result? 

Here at Appeal, we’ve got a lot of experience installing remote-controlled blinds. We’ve seen first-hand the benefits they can bring to people’s lives, so here are several reasons to consider remote-control blinds.

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Remotely Operated Window Blinds

For starters, let’s consider the lifestyle improvements. Manually operating window blinds might seem straightforward, but that’s not always the case. People living with disabilities for example, may find that operating blinds at the touch of a button is more manageable than doing it by hand. 

The same goes for athletes who may be recovering from an injury; if you’ve ever had the misfortune of dropping a dumbbell on your foot at the gym, you’ll know how painful it can be to hobble across a room. So, if you’re resting on the sofa and the sunlight becomes dazzling, the option to close your blinds without standing up can save a lot of effort and discomfort. 

There are safety benefits to electric blinds as well. Regular window blinds tend to have low-hanging cords, and while it doesn’t happen often, small children can get tangled up in them. Pets too, can become over-excited and wrap themselves in cords. Getting home from work and finding out your dog has pulled all the blinds down can be an aggravating experience, but with remote control blinds, there’s no risk of that. You can leave the house for hours and have complete peace of mind that your latest installation won’t be ripped from the wall if the postman knocks on the door. 

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Ease Of Use

Those reasons aside, there are also more superficial benefits. Remotely operated blinds are very stylish and modern, and there’s a certain satisfaction in controlling them from afar. And let’s imagine you’re enjoying a weekend lie-in when the sunlight wakes you up. Being able to close your remote control blackout blinds without leaving the bed is very appealing, isn’t it?

Even so, you may be put off by the thought of how complex they must be. Installing and operating powered blinds has to be complicated, right? Quite the opposite. They’re easy to set up and use. And if you’re the sort of person who regularly loses the remote control, our blinds can be upgraded with ULTRA® PLUS technology on request. This allows you to operate them via a mobile phone or tablet; all you need to do is download and sync an app. It can even be linked to Amazon Alexa or Google Nest for voice-activated control. Ever wanted to walk into a room and raise the blinds by speaking a certain phrase? Now you can.

Here at Appeal, we’re proud of our extensive range of remotely-operated window blinds. We have electric Honeycomb blinds, Pleated blinds, Clearview Lantern Roof Blinds, and more. 

If you’re interested in installing a new set of remote-controlled blinds or updating your existing ones, why not contact us today? You can request a free brochure to learn more about our products or book a free design consultation.