Should You Keep Your Blinds Open During The Day?

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Leaving your window blinds closed during the daytime certainly has its benefits. For starters, they improve your privacy; if you’re worried about the security of your home, closed window blinds will stop passers-by from looking in and getting a good view of your valuables. They also help form an additional barrier to trap heat, so you won’t need the heating on as often, and your energy bills will be lower. 

That said, there are also advantages to keeping your blinds open. Here at Appeal Home Shading, we’ve been reading up on the health benefits of open blinds and thought we’d share them with you. It’s your choice to leave your blinds open or closed, but the following may help you decide.


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Health Benefits Of Open Window Blinds

The big argument in favour of keeping your blinds open is that it’s healthier. According to a report in Science Daily in 2018, letting extra sunlight into a room kills bacteria in the dust. In tests conducted at the University Of Oregon, researchers discovered that bacteria prefer dark rooms. Germs are more likely to survive and reproduce away from direct sunlight, so leaving your blinds open is the healthier option.

The scientists also noted that the bacteria that survived in the dark were linked to respiratory illnesses. Therefore, letting in extra sunlight can potentially save you from breathing difficulties. If you experience asthma, cystic fibrosis or other respiratory issues, keeping your blinds open is well worth considering.

Window Blinds And Privacy

That said, some homeowners still prefer to leave their blinds closed because of the increased privacy. It’s possible to angle your blinds so that you can get a decent amount of sunlight without exposing yourself to the outside world, however some people still feel self-conscious. If keeping your blinds closed makes you more comfortable while relaxing at home, then by all means, close them.  

Additionally, if you’re leaving the house empty to go to work for the day or going away for an extended period, you’ll want to feel confident that your house is secure. If you’re worried your brand-new LED television could be a tempting target for burglars, you’ll get better peace of mind keeping it hidden. 

Lastly, excess sunlight can cause damage. It can dry out houseplants and make your furnishings fade. If you want the colour of your expensive new sofa to last, closing the blinds will be tempting.

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Finding A Happy Medium

There is no single answer to this question, as it all depends on your circumstances and preferences. We rarely encounter people who keep them closed or open all the time; usually, they switch between the two. This is fine if you’re at home and can operate the blinds, but what if you’re away? What if you’re on a plane halfway across the Atlantic when you remember you left the blinds open, and your sofa’s going to have faded by the time you get home? 

Well, we have a solution; automated blinds. With our ULTRA® Smart window blinds, you can pre-program your shading to activate in certain circumstances. You can set your blinds to open and close at specific hours or respond to different light levels and temperatures. It also makes it look like your house is occupied when you’re away and can deter potential break-ins. 

If you’re interested in our automated blinds or other shading options, you are more than welcome to contact us. You can get started on a project by booking a design consultation or downloading a free brochure to find out more.