Keeping Your Conservatory Warmer With Roof Blinds

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Conservatories are a welcome addition to any home, but let’s be honest, they can get awfully cold, can’t they? During the last months of the year, your conservatory can quickly become the coldest part of the house as the outside temperature drops, and the glass struggles to keep the heat in. Spending time there won’t be very appealing if you can’t go in without piles of blankets, and having the heating constantly on full power will make your bills skyrocket. 

Thankfully, you can take steps to improve your conservatory’s energy efficiency. Here at Appeal Home Shading, we’ve noticed that our customers don’t always understand the thermal benefits of conservatory roof blinds. They are unsung heroes for keeping your house warm, reducing your bills, and making your conservatory a year-round living space.

How Conservatory Blinds Save Money

It’s easy to think of roof blinds as an unnecessary expense, especially during the current cost of living crisis. They’re not a frivolous extra; regardless of what type of conservatory window blind you want, they all help regulate heat and reduce your energy bills in the long run. 

This is because window blinds form an extra barrier between your home and the outside world. You may already have double-glazed windows installed, and your blinds essentially create an additional layer on top of them. Whether you want your conservatory lined with Clearview Lantern Roof Blinds, Original French Pinoleum Blinds, Alu-Pleat® Blinds, or one of our other ranges, they’ll all help to keep it cosy when the days get frosty.


Motorised Premier Pinoleum Conservatory Roof Blinds

The Best Blinds For Warmer Conservatories

If you’re looking for the best blinds for heat regulation, Honeycomb Blinds are a perfect choice. Their unique hexagonal design gives them exceptional thermal efficiency. Their in-built air pockets can reduce heat loss by up to 46%, meaning your conservatory will be more comfortable during winter. You’ll save money on your heating bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and actually get to use your conservatory at Christmas time rather than use it as a glorified box room. 

Installing a set of conservatory roof blinds might not be your biggest priority at the moment, but with fuel prices set to increase, it’s well worth considering. Roof blinds are a long-term investment, and the initial expense is justified by the savings you’ll make yearly.

thermal conservatory roof blinds


Your conservatory is an ideal place to relax with a warm beverage and admire the autumn leaves, but it might not be possible if it gets too cold. Install a set of roof blinds however, and you’ll be more likely to use it all year round. 

If you’ve been inspired to install roof blinds, or have any questions you’d like answered, please feel free to contact us today. We can find the right choice for your home. 

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