Installation Photo Of The Year 2022

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We are delighted to announce our installation photo of the year. To celebrate the transformation that Appeal products bring to customers’ homes, for each month of 2022, we voted for our favourite installation photographs. We kept records of all the winners and awarded first and second place prizes.

This culminated in an end-of-year survey where our staff anonymously voted for the Appeal Installation Photo Of The Year. The results have been tallied, and the people have spoken. We can now reveal that the winner is:

JUNE’S ENTRY – ULTRA® Smart Gable-End Installation

installation of the year 2022

This installation of ULTRA® Smart Honeycomb blinds in a beautiful Gable window. This took place at a home in Pembrokeshire, where designer Perry Stringer opted for Pittsburgh Blackout Honeycomb blinds for a set of floor-to-ceiling bedroom windows. These offered maximum coverage and privacy at night and insulating properties to keep the room cool in warmer months. 

The pleated production team were responsible for manufacturing the blinds, which were then seamlessly surveyed and installed by Ian Watkins. These blinds give the customer light and temperature control at the touch of a button while allowing an uninterrupted view of the Welsh coast when not in use. They have enhanced this stunning window and the homeowners were delighted. 

Ian took the winning photo, but this was a team effort, and you’ve all earned the bragging rights of winning the Appeal Shading Installation Photo Of The Year for 2022! The competition was hotly contested this year, and we had some excellent installations to choose from. There could only be one winner though, so congratulations to all involved. 

gable end blackout blinds

Blackout Blinds From Appeal Shading

Blackout blinds don’t just make attractive photos; they’ll also enhance your property. They’re designed to reduce light levels and give you a great night’s sleep. Plus, they’ll maintain your privacy and do wonders for your heating and cooling bills. To find out more about blackout blinds and the benefits they bring, why not visit their dedicated product page


These images beautifully demonstrate how the right choice of window blinds can improve a home. If they’ve inspired you to think about your own home shading project, why not get in touch with Appeal today? You can request a free consultation online, or if you want to find out more about our range of products, you can download a free brochure. Our experts are waiting to speak with you, so let’s see what we can create together.