How to Shade Your Conservatory

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Appeal Home Shading offer a wide range of ways to shade your conservatory, including eye-catching and high performance styles for windows, doors and roofs. One of the reasons our shading solutions work so well in a conservatory is that conservatories produce plenty of natural light. As a result, this lighting might start to prove uncomfortable, producing glare or even heating your conservatory to a stifling temperature.

Our blinds and shutters for conservatories work to reflect light away from your home when you need it. As a result, you can use these blinds to reduce glare and the greenhouse effect when you want to use your conservatory on, particularly warm days. Not only that, our shading solutions can give you more privacy, help you take control of your home’s lighting, and can give your conservatory a new sense of style. We offer a broad range of shades for conservatories to suit any home.

At Appeal, we also make sure to always install shades for conservatories that are bespoke to you. You can customise our blinds with unique colours, patterns and fabrics, and you’ll be able to get a made-to-measure fit for large and awkward shaped windows, doors and conservatory roofs. With our durable, hard-wearing solutions, you’ll also be able to reflect more light, and your blinds won’t wear, fade or discolour for decades while doing so. As a result, shaded conservatories from Appeal stand the test of time.

conservatory window blinds

Shading for Conservatory Windows

So, what shading options do we offer for conservatories? One of the main parts of our range is the blinds you can install for your conservatory windows. While the windows in your build will let plenty of warm, natural light into your home, sometimes that light isn’t what you want. However, our shades can cover the full aperture of the glazing to give you total control of your home’s lighting while still giving you the option of enjoying all of the light.

Our shades for conservatories reflect light and harmful UV rays, protecting furniture in your build from fading. We specifically engineer our blinds with heat-reflecting properties, too, meaning that you can also reduce the greenhouse effect in your conservatory. Because of this, you’ll keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and you’ll give yourself more privacy as well. With a wide range of styles, including Solar R, Original French Pinoleum and our patented Honeycomb Energy Saver Blinds, conservatories are more comfortable with us.

conservatory door blinds

Shading for Conservatory Doors

Alternatively, you might want to stop harsh natural light from coming through your conservatory doors from time to time. While French, patio, and bifold doors are brilliant for opening your home up to nature, sometimes they can expose you to plenty of glare and even prying eyes looking in from outside. Because of this, shades for conservatories work brilliantly on these doors. At Appeal, we can fit bespoke, made-to-measure blinds across our range of door blinds, meaning we can fully fit even the largest glazing panels.

We can offer a broad selection of door blinds for conservatories, including our soft Finestra blinds. And, across our range, you can also install shading options for conservatories with our ULTRA Smart technology. With this innovative tool, you’ll be able to control your blinds at the touch of a button, and they’ll open automatically without any folding or creasing to give you the perfect lighting in your conservatory. You can even control your blinds by speaking to your Amazon Alexa or Google Nest smart speaker!

conservatory roof blinds

Shading for Conservatory Roofs

Another part of your conservatory that allows a lot of light into your home is the conservatory roof. Shades for conservatory roofs can stop the sun coming in from above, reducing the light and providing a sense of cosiness when you need it most. Our blinds for conservatory roofs work to reduce the greenhouse effect, preventing heat from bouncing around the build and intensifying. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about stifling temperatures in your living space, and you’ll have the lighting you need to relax and unwind.

You can choose conservatory roof blinds that allow a little bit of light into your home for a natural yet comfortable look. However, you can also find the option of blackout blinds in our range, meaning you won’t have to worry about any light coming into your home. Our shades for conservatories also prevent external noise from seeping into your home as much, meaning you can enjoy your conservatory with fewer distractions. Because of this, these blinds can give you full control of your living space’s lighting and so much more.

how to shade your conservatory

Shade Your Conservatory with Appeal

If you want to know how to shade your conservatory effectively, then Appeal Home Shading can help. We’ve been installing our shading solutions for several years now, and our team will know exactly how to make your conservatory more comfortable. We’ve refined our range of styles to make sure you can order the best options for your home without compromising its style. Not only that, you can customise our full range of shades for conservatories with unique patterns and colours that make your home look one-of-a-kind.

You can find out more about our shading solutions for conservatories by contacting our team today! You can request a free design consultation, and we’ll be able to help you explore our full range of options and work out the best designs for your living space. Alternatively, download a free brochure to get all the details about our blinds and shutters for conservatories and conservatory roofs.