How To Shade Shaped Windows

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There’s a misconception that window blinds and shutters are only suitable for regularly shaped windows. At Appeal Home Shading, we’d like to dispel this belief. Regardless of what size or shape of windows you have, we’re confident we can create bespoke blinds to suit them. Plus, we love a good challenge. If you have a weirdly shaped or sized window that needs shading, here’s how we can help. 

how to shade shaped windows

Custom-Made Window Blinds

Adapting blinds for non-standard shapes isn’t too difficult, providing you have accurate measurements. The trick is in knowing where to place our adjustable blinds. For instance, If you’ve got a window with an unusual angle, we can offer bespoke manufactured blinds to give maximum coverage while still looking great. 

Overly-large windows are no problem either. We’ve worked in barn conversions and similar grand properties with enormous windows and doors, and we’ve always found a suitable shading option.

Made-To-Measure Shading Options

We offer multiple shading options for large, awkward, or unusually-shaped windows. For example, our ClearView™ gable end blinds are fully customisable and available in various colours, patterns, and sizes. Architects can be very creative with gable end windows, and we’ve had to adapt to some massive, oddly-shaped ones in our time. 

French Pinoleum blinds are another option. They’re commonly used in orangeries and conservatories, so we’ve got used to adapting them to awkward angles and tightly-clustered glazing areas. They’re cut to size with lasers in our factories so we can achieve a precise fitting even in the most difficult-shaped windows. 

If you’d prefer shutters to blinds, we can also adapt them to suit most window shapes. People tend to think that shutters are inflexible and only suitable for square or rectangular windows, but that’s not the case. Our Premier Shutters for instance, are ideal for curved, arched and non-standard windows.

home shading for shaped windows

It goes without saying that you can’t just buy blinds or shutters for shaped windows off the shelf. They have to be made to your specifications, so the first step is to get in touch with us to book a free, no-obligation design consultation, and we can discuss your options from there. 

Whether you have a small, circular window or a tall and imposing arched one, we can help. You can arrange a free design consultation today or request a free brochure to learn more about our products. We can’t wait to hear from you.