How To Clean A Haus Awning

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A Haus Awning is a wonderful addition to any home. They give you more cover when hosting garden parties, and on quieter days, it’s lovely to relax in the cool shade of an awning, sipping on an icy drink as the sun drifts lazily overhead. We’re passionate about awnings here at Appeal,  and now that we’re entering the colder months, it might be time to think about maintenance.

That might seem unusual given that you’ll likely be outside a lot less during the winter, but hear us out. If like us, you’ve used your awning a lot during the summer, it’s probably accumulated dirt. It’s best to clean it now before shutting it away until the spring. Your future self will thank you when it emerges looking spotless and ready to use.

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A Quick Guide To Cleaning An Awning

Cleaning an awning is relatively painless. There’s no fancy equipment necessary, and you’ve probably got everything you need under your sink already. A brush, some cleaning solution, a sponge, and your ever-trusty garden hose and a step ladder are all that’s required to get your awning in top condition.  

Start by extending the awning and placing the step ladder beside it. Climb up and use the brush to wipe away any dirt, sweeping all the loose parts off. If there are any stains or stubborn streaks of dirt, wet them lightly, then use the sponge and cleaning solution to work them out. Once that’s done, use the hose to wash away all the dirt and soap suds. 

It’s also worth taking the time to rinse down the bracket as well. You shouldn’t need any extra tools for this, it’s simply a case of washing debris or crushed insects out of the metal. The only thing to remember is to let it dry before putting it away. If the awning is still damp when it’s retracted, you’ll find it covered in mould when you take it out again.

Awning Cleaning Tips

Cleaning an awning doesn’t take much effort, but there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, don’t get too vigorous. Aggressively scrubbing away at it isn’t a good idea if there’s an especially stubborn stain. A slow and patient approach is best; otherwise, you risk damaging the fabric. Be sure not to lean your weight onto the awning either, or you’re likely to fall and suffer an injury. If any areas are out of reach, use a mop with an extendable handle to get at them. 

Lastly, don’t use any especially heavy-going cleaning agents. A mix of warm water and household detergent should do the job and won’t wash away any protective layer.

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There’s no need to go overboard, and you certainly won’t have to wash your awning every day. Follow these steps at the start and end of each summer season, and your awning will look brand new all year round. 

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