How Modern Home Shading is Completely Customisable

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It used to be that curtains were the only option any of us had for keeping our homes cool. In the early days of blinds and shutters, we didn’t have the capacity or the know-how to truly design the blinds or the shutters around the needs of the windows or the home. It’s likely why curtains continue to be such a force in home shading whilst blinds and shutters are in almost every way, practically superior.

Nowadays however, industry leaders like us here at Appeal Home Shading have taken charge of making sure that our blinds and shutters are able to fit around our customers homes, the unique shapes of their windows and the individual requirements for how light enters their home. Over the years, homes with uniquely shaped windows such as gable windows or those who live in higher floors struggling with light entering the home in unusual ways have had to deal with using curtains to save their home from excessive sunlight. Curtains tend to come in two varieties; they are either exceptionally heavy and manage to block out all of the light, or they are exceptionally light and hardly manage to block out anything. The lack of customisation is coupled with the lack of practical benefits that come with modern home shading solutions such as blinds and shutters. Here at Appeal Home Shading, we wanted to show just how far our solutions have come over the years in terms of their customisability and bespoke nature to your home!

Unique Gable Blinds

Fully retractable ClearView Gable End Blinds provide modern homes with a solution that is completely bespoke to the unique shape of their gable end windows. Gable windows are a wonderful addition to any home due to their unique aesthetic and the amount of light they allow to enter the home. Their unique shape allows for wonderful views of the sky as well as the ground and everything in between. However, their unique shape has also posed some issues for homeowners in finding the right shading solution. Curtains, whilst they do cover the entire window, hang next to the window, potentially blocking some of the view or requiring great effort to draw or open.

Our ClearView Gable End Blinds are completely retractable, meaning that when not in use, they’re essentially unnoticeable thanks to their discreet headrail that blends into the frame of the window. Through use of our UltraⓇ Smart Technology, these blinds are controlled completely remotely so you never have to worry about dangling cords ruining the aesthetic of your beautiful gable end window.


Café Blinds

customisable home shading cafe blinds

Perhaps you live on the second floor or higher in your building which causes the light to enter your home in unusual ways, but you still want to make sure that you get enough light into your room and can experience the views on offer. For that we have unique Café Blinds which operate as one unit that can be pulled up from the bottom, the top or the middle. The unique benefits of positioning your blinds exactly where you want them on your window allows for huge customisation of your home shading. You can keep them lower on your window for increased privacy and letting the light of the sunshine in. Or you can do the opposite and block out the light of the sun whilst allowing a view out of the bottom of the window. Furthermore, you can place the blinds in the middle of your window to block out the midday sun that may be causing glare on a particular part of the room.

Bespoke, Customisable Shading from Appeal

Here at Appeal we want to make sure that our customers have a constant dialogue with us and in aid of this we recommend booking a free design consultation with us at the start of your shading journey so you’re able to sit down and discuss with an expert exactly what it is you’re going to need for your home. In the meantime you can also request a free brochure to explore our full catalogue at your leisure!