How Do Fly Curtains Work?

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How do fly curtains work? If you want to enjoy a warmer, fresher home in the summer, then opening your windows and doors is the perfect way to do it. However, one of the reasons it can be difficult to do so is flies, insects, and other pests. When the sun comes out, so do the critters, and open windows can allow them to come into your home far more easily, meaning you may have the urge to pull out the pesticide.

If you still want to open your windows, then you could invest in fly curtains. Fly curtains, or insect screens as they are also known, are mesh inserts that can integrate into your windows or doors to keep flies and pests well away from your living space. The ClearVu mesh we use throughout our fly curtains also means you can still enjoy just as much natural light and fresh air through your open windows. You’ll barely be able to see our fly curtains at all on warm, sunny days!

That’s why, at Appeal Home Shading, we’re helping our valued customers to shield their homes with fly curtains. Our market-leading insect screens make your home cooler, warmer and safer, and there’s no need for a fly spray with strong chemicals. You can also fully retract our fly curtains into a discreet cassette, meaning you’ll never see the mesh if you don’t want to. For more information, request a free brochure on our fly curtains today!

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How to Use Fly Curtains

So how do fly curtains work in practice? A fly curtain is a sleek piece of mesh that covers the inside of your window or door. All you have to do to operate it is pull it up from the cassette, and then the mesh will fit inside your window or door made-to-measure. Because the mesh is slim enough to let light in but durable enough to deal with insects and pests, you’ll be able to benefit from a cooler, more comfortable living space during the hot summer months.

A fly curtain works brilliantly for windows and patio doors. At Appeal, we install made-to-measure fly curtains to suit any glazed area, meaning the mesh will cover the full aperture of the window or door. As a result, there will be no gaps in the design for pests to find their way into your home.

Finally, a fly curtain can make your home feel closer to nature. The ClearVu mesh we use in our designs is market-leading and is barely noticeable when in use. Not only that, the discreet cassette allows for the entire fly screen to disappear. And, if you care about the environment, installing a fly curtain will do nearly all of the work your harmful fly spray would do otherwise, meaning you can stop emitting harmful chemicals inside your home.

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Where Do Fly Curtains Work Best?

A fly curtain can work well across your home, preventing flies and insects from finding their way into your living space. The most common application is inside windows, where they can cover the aperture of the design to make sure there’s no room for critters to enter your home. Appeal’s fly curtains can be anywhere from 340mm to 1600mm wide, and they can also be as tall as 2600mm. Because of this, you’ll have the flexibility you need to cover even the largest windows you have.

Fly curtains are also useful for other, larger spaces, such as patio doors. The range of sizes on offer means you can get much larger designs that cover the full design to allow you to ventilate your home even more. Not only that, you can style your new fly curtain to suit your home with our broad selection of RAL colours. With hundreds of options on offer, you’ll be in control of the design process.

Appeal will work around you to ensure our fly curtains work well anywhere. We take a flexible approach, and we always tailor our installation to work around you. Please request a free design consultation with our friendly team today to find out more!

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Fly Curtains from Appeal

If you want to install a fly curtain in your home, choose Appeal Home Shading. We can fit fly curtains for windows, patio doors, and so much more, with a variety of customisable options and sizes to choose from as well. Not only that, our team deals with the fitting and aftercare of your design, meaning you’re in safe hands when you choose us.

To see how fly curtains could work for you, request a free design consultation with our team today. Alternatively, why not download a free brochure to learn more about all the different products we install?