How a Haus Awning Can Keep you Cool this Summer

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The world is certainly getting hotter, and there is no doubt about that. In fact, only a few days ago, the UK Met Office raised the standards for what is considered a heatwave across the country by about three degrees depending on where you are. It’s certainly the hottest in the South, but we are now seeing East and North areas starting to warm up to temperatures that we haven’t witnessed before. As a result, whilst we may be spending a lot more time in our gardens over the course of the next few months, we are at higher risk these days of overheating than we have been in the past.

Staying cool is going to be imperative this summer as the temperatures are likely to soar to new heights, and records are likely to be broken. So whilst it’s going to be lovely soaking it all up in our gardens, we need to ensure that we don’t spend too much time in direct sunlight since we’re at risk of making ourselves ill or damaging our skin. Making sure that we have a sturdy, reliable source of shade in our gardens will end up making a massive difference this year. 

That’s where Appeal Home Shading’s Haus awnings come in. Our awnings and pergolas provide the home with a retractable source of shading that is reliable and they come with the option for a variety of extras, including heaters, lights and weather sensors. The size you require for your awning will determine which of our awning models are available to you. Regardless of the model you choose, all of our awnings provide exceptional shading potential to allow you to sit outside this summer whilst remaining cool and out of direct sunlight. 

The Haus Pergola

Haus Pergola

Let’s start with the largest option, the Haus Pergola. Pergolas operate slightly differently from the awning in that they are secured by two telescopic legs away from the wall to support the size and provide weather resistance and rain run-off. The Haus Pergola has a potential size of 30 sq. metres (323 sq. feet) at 6×5 metres. When not in use, the fabric that makes up the roof of the Pergola retracts into a neat cassette, giving you a truly high standard of versatility.

As mentioned, the telescopic legs promote rain runoff, so you don’t need to worry about rain collecting on top of the fabric and damaging it. A truly versatile installation, the Haus Pergola provides year-round comfort and does an excellent job during the summer at providing you with the largest shading potential available here at Appeal Home Shading.

Haus Awnings

We also have three different awning models available that all provide exceptional quality and only differ in size. The h1650 provides 16.5 sq metres of coverage and is best for the smaller patios that only use the space for sitting or reading. We also have the H2450, which provides 24.5 sq metres, an excellent option for homeowners who wish to use their awning to cover an outdoor dining table. Finally, we have our largest option at the MF2600, which provides a huge 26 sq metres of coverage, the perfect choice for homeowners who use their awning for larger social gatherings and parties.

Each awning extends outward from the home, covering the patio and providing full shade underneath it. The shading keeps you cool directly underneath the awning but also keeps your home interior cool. Awnings shade your home from the sun and can also protect your furniture. The extra shade provided by an awning will help you keep the interior of your home cool, so you have somewhere to retreat when the summer sun gets a bit too hot. 

Patterns and Fabrics

All of our awnings come in a variety of colours and styles. We have 50 standard colours for the frames available and over 150 fabric patterns for you to choose from. During your free meeting with our design consultants at the start of your awning project, they’ll discuss with you the options that are likely to look best with the exterior of your home as well as showing you the full range of colours available if you’re looking for something a bit different.

If you’re interested in an awning to keep you cool this summer, then book your free design consultation with us today! Our digital brochures are also available for free in the meantime, which you can request here! If all you need right now is a quick price quote, we have an online pricing tool that you can use to get that price right from the comfort of your own home.