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We offer a Double Roller Blind option (also known as a duplex) which is 2 roller blinds in a single cassette side by side. This is a useful option for very wide windows or doors and is a perfect combination of practicality and style. Utilising our ULTRA Smart technology, we make this classic design modern with remote control functionality, so you can enjoy a cordless Double Roller Blind without compromising on the original look.

Entirely bespoke and energy-efficient, our highly customisable Double Roller Blinds are a perfect addition to any interior that wants something a little extra. If you want to find out more, get in touch with the team at Appeal today.

ULTRA Smart operation

Our Double Roller Blinds are compatible with our exclusive, market-leading ULTRA Smart technology. Revolutionise how you operate your blinds with remote control or using your smartphone or tablet. This is also compatible with Alexa & Google Home, meaning you can utilise voice operating for your Double Roller Blinds as seamlessly as possible, allowing you to focus on enjoying your interior, rather than having to handle it.

Upon request, our ULTRA Smart blinds can be upgraded to ULTRA PLUS, which allows you to control your Double Roller Blind anytime, wherever you are. In or out of the house, you can control your windows however you see fit, even if you cannot see them! Our Double Roller Blinds are ready for any modern home and are ready to modernise any home.

Temperature Control

Double Roller Blinds are not just an accessory piece for your interior. They are an excellent investment with practical benefits for your home, including excellent temperature. Acting as a barrier, they are capable of retaining heat and reflecting heat. This means that during colder seasons, our Double Roller Blind, traps any warmth inside your house to keep you warm and cost. Not only does this make your home comfier, but it helps save some money on the heating bills too.

Similarly, during the hotter seasons, these Double Roller Blinds can reflect the heat away from your home, meaning less hot air enters inside. These blinds also help prevent glare, allowing you to enjoy your smartphone, tablet or television without any hassle.

Bespoke Double Roller Blinds

Our Double Roller Blinds are always manufactured to order. This means that every finished product is tailored to your specific requests and the feel of your home. We believe that every window should be unique, and we understand the desire to make something truly yours. That is why we offer a wide range of customisable options and offer free design consultations to make sure that you are not only getting the very best but something new and unique for you only

Because of this, our installations are smooth and stress-free. We get it right the first time since we take the exact measurements required to make sure we don’t have to do any excess trimming. Our Double Roller Blinds come with over 400 fabric colours and patterns for you to choose from. From minimal hues to striking shades, we have an option for every home. We are determined to leave your interior décor improved and you to have a bespoke piece to feel proud of. So why wait? We offer free design consultations to find out what best suits you and your home, find out your dream Double Roller Blind today!

Double Roller Blinds from Appeal

Our Double Roller Blinds renovate the classic design without the hassle of the old. Enjoy a modern piece of interior technology that will be a fine addition to your home, without having to compromise the design. Offering unique style and thermal performance, these Double Roller Blinds are an amazing investment that will help save you money and look good while doing so. Contact us for a free brochure or to arrange your free design consultation to get started today.