Do Window Blinds Increase The Value Of Your Home?

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Window blinds almost always increase the value of a home. Whether you own a semi-detached new build, a ground-floor flat, a traditional house, or something else, blinds are a worthy investment and help put up the sale price. It’s difficult to put an exact figure on how much they add, but it’s extremely rare for a house to decline in value because the owners installed window blinds.

Here at Appeal Home Shading, we’ve seen homes benefiting from new blinds for years. The extra value they bring isn’t their main selling point, but it is a nice side-effect. Here’s how it works.

ULTRA Roller door blinds

The Kerb Appeal Of Window Blinds

If you’re not familiar with the term, ‘kerb appeal’ means how attractive your home is when viewed from the street. A badly maintained house with dislodged drain pipes and cracked paint would be said to have negative kerb appeal, whereas a clean, well-presented home with stylish fittings has positive kerb appeal. The more positive it is, the better impression it will give and the higher its value will be. 

Window blinds usually improve a home’s kerb appeal. They’re a stylish, and eye-catching installation that provide tidy, symmetrical shading. Installing window blinds makes your home more visually enticing. 

This extends to the interior as well. When the time comes for an estate agent to show potential buyers around, blinds will leave a good impression. For example, a set of remote-controlled motorised blinds will make your home look cutting-edge and could subtly influence a sale. It’s impossible to quantify how many zeros they’ll add to the price tag, but homes with blinds are normally valued higher than those without.

Energy Saving Benefits Of Window Blinds

Window blinds can also increase the asking price because of their insulating properties. They form an extra thermal barrier, minimising heat transfer through the glass and making it easier to manage the temperature. In the long term, this means lower energy bills; you won’t need the central heating or air-conditioning so often.

When calculating the value of a house, the thermal efficiency is factored into it. Well-insulated homes are considered a better investment, so the value will be higher if your blinds are part of the fixtures (the items left in the home as part of the sale).

French Pinoleum Conservatory Roof Blinds

The Extra Value Of Window Blinds

If you keep your window blinds in good condition, they’ll almost certainly increase the property value. It’s not just blinds either; other shading options also have a positive effect. Exterior installations like Haus Awnings® make gardens look more sophisticated, and a pristine set of bathroom shutters will always enhance your home.

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