Do Insect Screens Keep your Home from Getting Cool?

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During the summer, the last thing on your mind is going to be the insulation of your home. It’s certainly something to consider since the heat doesn’t last forever, however when the temperatures are soaring into the high 20s and even the high 30s in some places we’re not really thinking about keeping our homes warm during the winter, instead we’re thinking about keeping them cool throughout the summer.

Ventilation is super important throughout the summer to ensure that our homes don’t get too stuffy and uncomfortable in the excessive heat. Particularly here in the UK, our humidity levels are generally quite high throughout the season. As a result, we tend to keep our windows and doors open a lot throughout the summer to ensure a good amount of ventilation so our homes don’t get too hot. However, that same airflow often brings flies and other insects through those openings when we would really rather just have the airflow.

Insect screens have been installed in homes for decades in an attempt to circumvent this issue, allowing airflow without having to worry about insects joining the party. A common question we get here at Appeal Home Shading is whether or not the insect screens we put in place to help your home stay bug-free are going to limit the ventilation and therefore the cooling of your home during the summer months.

We wanted to take the chance today to explain why our insect screens allow your home to stay cool throughout the summer!

Insect Screens from Appeal

do insect screens keep your home from getting coolInsect window and door screens from Appeal Home Shading are made from ClearVu micro-mesh fabric which is manufactured from PVC coated fibreglass. This mesh is not only useful and almost as transparent as a piece of glass, but it is also made of a very durable and strong material that can be used outdoors without suffering damage from the weather. Almost completely invisible to the human eye without getting right up close, the micro-mesh fabric has tiny holes throughout that allow air to pass through comfortably and consistently without bugs or flies being able to penetrate through.

Door Insect Screens

At Appeal, we provide useful Door Insect Screens to go along with our primary selection of home shading options. Our insect screens, which are designed specifically to fit your patio, bifold, double, or single door, may significantly improve your daily life.

To the left or right of the entrance, the Appeal retractable insect screen for windows is fastened vertically, extending sideways over the aperture. The Appeal door screen, in contrast to other subpar products, employs a specifically made caterpillar track at the base of the screen. This minimises any possible trip danger since it operates on a level floor track. Simply dragged across the aperture, the screen locks shut with a magnetic seal.

Moths, flies, wasps, and other insects won’t bother you if you open any outside doors for smooth ventilation.

Our Door Insect Screens are ideal for bridging kitchens and spaces used for food preparation with your garden or outdoor space as a consequence. Air and light may be brought into the space without endangering human health or necessitating frequent application of chemical insecticides.

For single door insect screens, the maximum width is 1800mm, while the minimum height is 500mm and the maximum height is 2700mm. For double retractable doors, the maximum total width is 3600mm and the maximum height is 2700mm again. Our fly screens for French doors and bifold doors can suit all kinds of specifications and exceed your expectations.

Window Insect Screens

Appeal Home Shading provide window insect screens as a useful, modern solution. They shield every space in your house from bothersome insects, guarding against bites, allergic reactions, and hygienic problems in kitchen areas.

Any window may have a window insect screen made by us. No matter the size of the opening, the final product will fit perfectly thanks to our collaborative service. When you use Appeal Home Shading, you may avoid making compromises. You may choose between a minimum width of 340mm and a maximum width of 1600mm, as well as between a minimum height of 150mm and a maximum height of 2600mm.

Any window’s overall appearance is protected thanks to RAL colour customization for the Insect Screen cassette.

window insect screens to stay comfortableWe’re certain you’ll be able to choose the ideal colour for your new window insect screens from the many selections available. We can work with the colour of any new windows you may be having installed as well as the colour of your current profile. From design consultation through fitting and aftercare, we are adaptable and work around your schedule.

If you’re interested in getting insect screens installed in your home then book your free design consultation with us today! In the meantime you can download a free brochure to get the full information on our products in more detail!