Do Blinds Help with Insulation?

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As the world outside our conservatories gets warmer, as does the air inside! Over the course of the winter, we probably spend very little time inside our conservatories compared to how much time we spend there during the summer. We get used to using them as storage spaces or makeshift greenhouses for our warm weather plants instead of the living spaces that they’re intended to be. Even during the summer, we sometimes neglect our conservatories in favour of our gardens because that greenhouse feeling that keeps our plants healthy during the winter can threaten to overheat us during the summer. 

Luckily, with blinds from Appeal Home Shading, you can help counteract the problems that come with shifting temperatures over the course of the year. With our range of blinds, you can make sure that you take the fierce glare out of the sun and enjoy your conservatory all day without feeling like you’re getting cooked. Similarly, you can get ready to use your conservatory all year round by keeping the warm air in without it escaping during the evening so that you’ve got a frosty welcoming in the morning. Appeal Home Shading has a wide selection of different blinds that help with insulation, but all of our shading solutions have insulation designed for their purpose.

Solar RⓇ Blinds

conservatory roller blinds fitted

If what you’re looking for primarily focuses on heat reflection, that is, to keep the heat outside the conservatory, then look no further than Solar RⓇ Blinds! For a solid roller blind, you can get no higher than the 74% heat reflection properties delivered by these blinds. Manufactured bespoke with a wide variety of colour variations to choose from, the Solar RⓇ Blinds deliver a standard of thermal reflection that is both unique and superior to everything else on the market. If you’re worried about the greenhouse effect making your conservatory unbearably warm during the summer, then the Solar RⓇ Blinds are the perfect option for you! You can keep the cool air in your conservatory with Solar RⓇ Blinds by reflecting the heat from the sun.!

Honeycomb Energy Saver Blinds

Honeycomb blinds

If you’re more concerned with keeping the heat in during the winter, then you’re looking for the Honeycomb Energy Saver Blind! These unique pleated blinds have thermal retention and reflection incorporated into their design. The Honeycomb design comes from the hexagonal double layering system, which provides the home with extra insulation layers. The thermal retention provided reaches up to 46% during the winter, which makes a huge difference in how liveable your conservatory is throughout the year. Similarly, you will not be shirking on heat reflection in the summer. The Honeycomb design provides 78% heat absorption at the hottest times, keeping your conservatory from overheating and cooking you and your pets.


pleated conservatory roof blinds

Alu-Pleat® Blinds offer the ultimate in all-around performance. Uniquely designed with aluminium in a pleated fashion, this shading solution provides the home with the best thermal comfort properties on the market today. As part of the core pleated conservatory blind range, we engineered this range specifically for the best in thermal retention and reflection. There is no pleated blind on the market currently that performs better than our Alu-Pleat® range. Even with their practical design, there are zero compromises on the visual appeal. Able to blend with any kind of interior décor, you’ll be treated to absolute excellence with the Alu-Pleat® range of blinds from Appeal.


All of our blinds, including the Solar R® Blinds and the Honeycomb Energy Saver Blinds, feature a sleek and discreet design which allows them to blend seamlessly into the interior design of your home. With our free design consultations, you’ll meet with one of our in-house experts who will help you to decide on the colours and design of the blind that is going to best meet your home’s interior design needs. Each set of blinds comes in a variety of colours, textures and styles so that you can be assured that you’re going to get the blinds that suit your home the best! Furthermore, all of our blinds are made to measure for your home to ensure the perfect fit every time. Our expert installers will walk you through their process every step of the way and answer any questions that you may have so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new home shading solution!

If you’re looking to feel inspired, then head over to our gallery and have a look at all the wonderful work we have done for our customers across the country. You can also book your free design consultation right here on the website whilst also requesting a free digital design brochure so you can have a look at our products in more detail!