Common Questions About Electric Blinds

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Here at Appeal Home Shading, we’ve got years of experience installing electric blinds. Our experts have spent countless hours designing bespoke blinds, and we’ve noticed many of our customers ask the same questions. Electric blinds are still a comparatively new product, so we wanted to put together a short article answering the most common queries. 

How Do Electric Blinds Work?

Electric blinds, or motorised blinds as they’re sometimes called, are an innovation in home shading technology. They’re very similar to traditional, manually-operated blinds but don’t require cords. You can control them with a remote control, wall-mounted switch, via an app on your smartphone, or through a simple voice command with Amazon Alexa or Google Nest. There’s no need to pull a cord to open or close your blinds, you just need to press a button or give a voice command, and your electric blinds will activate.

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How Long Do Electric Blinds Last?

The lifespan of electric blinds varies and depends on several factors. Your blinds will be affected by how often you use them and the environmental conditions they’re exposed to. We have many customers contacting us to purchase further products who report that their blinds are upwards of 15 years old and still going strong!

Are Electric Blinds Expensive?

We have multiple types of electric blinds available, and pricing varies. They are more advanced than manual blinds, so they generally cost more, however this is offset by long-term savings. Motorised blinds tend to last longer, require less maintenance, and can help save money on your heating bills. They form an extra thermal layer over your windows and increase energy efficiency, so you’ll cut down on your heating and cooling bills over time.

Do Electric Blinds Connect To The Mains?

Our ULTRA® Smart Blinds are powered by discreet integrated motor and rechargeable Li-ion battery (lasting around 12-15 months between charge on average use). We can offer the ULTRA® Smart system and we also offer an electric PowerDrive™ system depending on requirements, number of blinds and height of the windows. 

All of our powered blinds are also available to upgrade to our ULTRA® PLUS system, allowing you to control your blinds via WiFi on a smartphone/tablet or via voice command with Alexa or Google. As with all of our powered blinds installations, we recommend our free design consultation, where a local design consultant will visit your property, assess your requirements and discuss the best solution for you, along with providing a no-obligation quotation.

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Are Electric Blinds Child Safe?

Our electric blinds can be safely installed in homes with children. As they have no cords or power cables, there is less opportunity for a small child (or an over-exuberant pet) to become tangled in the blinds. There is no chance of electric shocks, and you can rest safely knowing there is no risk to your family. 

We have a wide variety of motorised blinds available, from our energy-saving Honeycomb blinds to the ever-popular Roller blinds and more. So, if you’re inspired to start a new project, why not contact us today?  You can get started by booking a free design consultation with one of our experts or by downloading a free brochure to see our full collection.