Choosing the Right Blinds for Your House

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Choosing the right house blinds is no small task. With so many styles and customisation options available, you can often feel spoilt for choice. But what should you look for in your new house blinds?

Style certainly comes to mind as a top priority, but you will want to consider many other important factors before fully deciding on any window blinds in particular. If you’re unsure of which questions you should be asking or what decisions you need to make, we’ve put together our complete guide to help you when choosing the right blinds for their house.

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Thermal Barrier

Alongside style, house blinds need to make your home more comfortable. They do this in many ways, such as by acting as an efficient thermal barrier. One of the defining features and functions of the most popular house blinds is their ability to reduce incoming sunlight and act as a thermal barrier. Depending on the material, style and mechanics of how they close, blinds can achieve such a function with varying degrees of success.

House blinds as a thermal barrier are especially critical here in the UK. They have been designed to keep heat inside, which is often ideal during the all too familiar rainy days. However, whenever the sunny weather makes an appearance, it can often leave homeowners in uncomfortable heat. As such, it can often be necessary to make sure that these thermally efficient windows are adorned with equally thermally reflective house blinds.

One example is from our wide product range is our Solar R blinds. These house blinds boast the highest heat reflection capabilities in the UK – at an astonishing 74%! Ensure that your interior stays at a cool and comfortable temperature whenever the sun is out. This is achieved by their ability to bounce back incoming heat and deflect it away from your living space

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some sunshine either. Our Solar R blinds have been expertly designed to allow the right amount of light to filter through, illuminating your interior at a pleasant, calming level – without the bother of glare, and preventing harmful UV exposure.

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Ease of Usability

Another important factor to consider when choosing the right house blinds for your property is how easy they are to use. House blinds have been a ‘hands on’ shading solution for many years. This means you have to be especially considerate of how easy it is to operate the blinds, as you will be manipulating their mechanisms for many years.

For lesser made and non-bespoke house blinds, this can invariably lead to them looking and feeling a little worse for wear, and subsequently incurring repair/replacement costs – all of which can be avoided if you decide on a durable set of blinds, made to measure just for you. Or better yet, decide on a pair of blinds you don’t even need to touch.

Here at Appeal, we offer house blinds that require zero touch (of the blinds themselves) but offer complete control. We integrate our products with our ULTRA Smart technology. This allows you to control your blinds however you see fit with the touch of a button. This means there are no unsightly cords or need to physically handle the house blinds yourself. Our discreet battery-powered motor extends and retracts your blinds for you through our remote control, your smartphone or even your own home automation service such as Alexa or Google Nest.

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Choose Your House Blinds from Appeal

Choosing the right house blinds often means you have to be acutely aware of various factors, such as the specifications you need from your new shading solution and the functionality you require in your property. Whether you’re looking for style, performance, thermal efficiency or all of these at once, you need to be able to make the right choice for you.

At Appeal, it couldn’t be easier or more convenient to find your perfect house blinds. Why not request our free brochure to see the full range of products we provide. Once you have some inspiration, or if you’re ready to start designing now, you can arrange a free design consultation with our team. You can even request a free quote online.
When you choose Appeal, we’ll help you to find the right house blinds to make your house a home.