Can Awnings Withstand Strong Winds?

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If you own a Haus Awning, there’s probably been an occasion where you’ve thought about weatherproofing. The weather in this country can be unpredictable, and it’s only normal to wonder how much wind and rain an awning can withstand. 

Here at Appeal Home Shading, we supply electric patio awnings from Haus, and we’d like to put your mind at ease. There are precautions you need to take, but if the wind speeds increase, you won’t need to worry. Here’s why.

MF2600 Haus Awnings

Haus Awnings And Severe Weather

Our Haus Awnings are made with durable fabric and high-quality materials. The metal won’t rust, the electric components are waterproof and even if you accidentally leave the awning out on a wet day, the rain shouldn’t cause any long-term damage. The wind is more problematic, but it will take more than a stiff breeze to cause any tears or dislodge it. 

However, we’re all human, and it’s easy to make mistakes, and that’s why our awnings can be fitted with weather sensors. These clever devices recognise when the wind is getting too much, so they will retract if conditions deteriorate. If you’re at work on a windy day and realise you forgot to put the awning away, there’s no cause for alarm; it will have retracted automatically and you won’t find it dashed across the garden when you get home.

As a bonus, the sensors don’t only respond to bad weather. Your electric awnings will automatically extend on sunny days in response to the sun’s rays. By the time you’ve made yourself a cool drink and stepped out onto the patio, your awning will already be out.

patio shade pergola

The Haus Pergola

If you’re still concerned about high winds though, we can recommend one of our products in particular. The Haus Pergola is one of our most durable shading options. It has telescopic legs to allow easy rain runoff and has been tested for up to Windforce Six on the Beaufort scale. You won’t find a sturdier, more weather-resistant patio shading option than this. 

As an extra bonus, they also offer our largest possible shading area. Our Haus Pergolas are made to measure but can provide up to 30 square metres of cover. They’re the ideal way to extend your living space and come with optional extras to make them usable all year round. Want to host a garden party in winter? The LED light fittings and heating seasons will keep your guests well lit and warm.


This doesn’t mean that our Haus Awnings are invulnerable of course, but they are incredibly durable. We would always recommend retracting your awning in bad weather, but they can withstand higher winds than you might expect. 

Awnings make stylish additions to the home and that’s where we come in. If you’re interested in exterior shading, you can download a free brochure to find out more, or book a design consultation today. We can’t wait to hear from you.