Awnings Or Canopies: What’s The Difference?

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When shopping for outdoor shading options, you’ve probably heard the words ‘awning’ and ‘canopy’ used interchangeably. Contrary to popular belief though, they’re not the same thing. Awnings and canopies are similar, but there are several differences between them. 

Here at Appeal, we firmly believe that awnings are the superior option. They’re easier to use, require less maintenance and are significantly more stylish. Canopies are cheaper, but as far as we’re concerned, that’s their only advantage. There’s nothing wrong with canopies, but you may regret choosing one over an awning in the long run.

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The Difference Between Awnings And Canopies

Awnings and canopies are both used to provide shading outdoors. They’re both made of fabric and can give you respite from direct sunlight, but awnings are permanently fitted to the side of a building, whereas canopies are more mobile. An awning is a retractable cover that extends over a garden or patio, while canopies are structures with poles to support the roof. 

On the surface, this might make canopies sound more enticing. Canopies aren’t fixed in place, so you can move them around. If you want extra cover over the barbecue or your kids have placed their paddling pool in a different place, you can move your canopy into a suitable place and get more cover. 

However, there is a big drawback to this. Canopies are big and cumbersome; moving them around isn’t always easy. You’ll need to assemble and disassemble your canopy every time, and having to do that soon becomes impractical. A canopy might seem like a sensible purchase, but you’ll find yourself using it less and less until eventually, it just sits in a bag, taking up space all year. 

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The Advantages Of Awnings

In contrast, awnings don’t tend to have these issues. Awnings might not be as portable as canopies, but they’re far easier to use. Once they’ve been set up, that’s it. You won’t need to carry a pile of canvas and poles around, and there’s no cumbersome assembly; you can extend or retract them with the press of a button. Canopies might be mobile, but awnings are a more stylish and practical choice. That ease of use means you’ll get more usage out of them. Awnings stay up for years, while canopies usually get consigned to the back of a broom cupboard after a month or two. 

Plus, awnings are more durable than canopies. They’re tougher than you might expect and can withstand bad weather with surprising resilience. Our Haus Awnings can also be fitted with weather sensors and programmed to retract if conditions deteriorate. If you’re at work one day and the weather takes a turn for the worse, you won’t be worried about whether you left your awning out or not. It’ll retract by itself. 

The initial cost of a canopy is usually lower, but you’ll get far more use out of an awning. And while you don’t get as much location flexibility with an awning, people tend to congregate in the same places when they’re outside. Be honest, how often do you move the garden furniture and have dinner further away from the house?

A good awning is a wonderful addition, and that’s where we come in. We supply a range of exceptional Haus Awnings at Appeal, so if you’re interested in exterior shading, you’ve come to the right place. You can download a free brochure to find out more or book a design consultation today.