Are Fly Screens Effective?

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Every summer, we open our homes to the fresh air outside, only to find out that a bunch of flying critters love to take the opportunity to move in at the same time. These unwelcome pests can pose more than just an annoyance as they seek out any food to sit on and contaminate. This is also the time of year when we start to see flies seeking out over-ripe fruit on which  to lay their eggs, which can cause horrible infestations that last for months. 

Therefore as we head into the hotter stages of this year’s summer to make sure we’re protected from the various critters that will try and invade our homes, whilst not compromising on the ventilation that we all need at this time of year to keep our homes cool and pleasant when the weather is at its hottest. 

Fly Screens for Windows and Doors

bespoke fly screens for doors bifolding

Here at Appeal Home Shading, we have the answer in our customisable and retractable fly and insect screens for windows and doors. This excellent product is designed to keep the flies and such at bay whilst still providing your home with adequate ventilation that keeps the home from becoming stuffy, ensuring you have a cool respite when the sun is beating down. 

We often get asked if fly screens really do what they say on the tin. Surely you can’t keep all the insects out whilst still retaining adequate ventilation? Well, with Appeal Home Shading, you absolutely can! Our insect screens are proven to work exceptionally well in both regards without one factor compromising the other.

Windows are likely the first port of call for insect screens for the home due to the fact that we’re more than likely to have our windows open a lot more than our doors this year. Our window fly screens provide the home with a customisable screen that is almost invisible to the naked eye when viewed at a distance. Especially useful for kitchens and bedrooms, these screens will keep flying annoyances away from your food, which in itself is dangerous, and away from your bed where you’re most at risk of getting bitten by mosquitos during the night.

Keeping our windows open during cooking is one of the ways to ensure that our homes don’t get over-humidified, potentially causing damage to our windows and walls. At the same time, however, we don’t want insects to disturb food preparation as they can contaminate the meals or at least put us off eating them. Window Fly Screens from Appeal Home Shading are the practical and contemporary solution to this issue. Allowing the steam and heat to filter out through the tiny gaps in the mesh whilst also inhibiting curious bugs from investigating our dinners. 

The same goes for our bedrooms. Getting to sleep is hard enough during the hot summer evenings, and it is made much worse by an invasive buzzing noise that seems to have no real source when the light is on but always pipes up just as you drift off. Our window screens allow you to crack the window, giving you a cool night’s sleep whilst not having to worry about a noisy buzz disturbing you in the night or getting an unwelcome bite that will irritate you in the morning.

We also provide fly screens for doors so that you can maximise ventilation in the home! We tailor our insect screens to the dimensions of your door, so your product is entirely bespoke to you and your home. Our screens fully retract into a customisable cassette that comes in a colour of your choice to ensure that it fits into the aesthetic of your home. Whether it’s a bifold, French or single door, our insect screens are designed to fit all. We’ll take the exact measurements required for your project and provide you with a screen that pulls across perfectly. 

The door screen operates on a rail system that is fitted to the bottom of your entranceway. We use a specially designed caterpillar track that keeps the screen firmly in place whilst also minimising trip hazards for people coming and going. As the screen is also partially invisible, you won’t lose the aesthetic of bringing the outside in with a view of your garden whilst you’re cooking away or lounging in your living room.

If you’re interested in our fly screens for windows or doors, then book your free design consultation with us today! In the meantime, you can also request a free digital brochure for more information on any of our products.