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It used to be that timber was the mainstay of home improvement and even home design. Timber has natural insulating properties that just weren’t available about this time 100 years ago. Unfortunately, whilst timber is good for insulation, it certainly drops off in usefulness in a lot of other ways. Being a completely naturally occurring material that comes from a living organism, wood is massively affected by the elements. The natural decomposition process generally occurs after a few years and once it has begun, it is impossible to stop or reverse.

As a result, timber fell out of fashion as a usable material for home improvement. uPVC and aluminium replaced the decomposing materials to ensure that heat was retained throughout the home. However, homeowners and designers alike yearned for the traditional aesthetic that timber brings to the home. Over the years, a variety of resins and composite materials have been developed to combat the natural decomposition of wood; it’s only in the last couple of years that we’ve seen a remarkable difference in the reliability of such materials. Nobody wants to continually apply resins or varnish to their features when maintenance-free materials are available and cheaper to use.

PolyWood Window Shutters from Appeal

Full Height Window Shutters in BedroomPolyWoodⓇ Window Shutters from Appeal Home Shading are the answer those who desire the traditional aesthetics of timber features in their home have been looking for. A wonderful new product for your home, these unique shutters are made in Britain and are available in just six weeks. A combination of style and sophistication that enhances the performance of your home allows these shutters to truly shine in a market lacking accessible window shutters for every room.

PolyWoodⓇ is a uniquely designed material that is a composite of wood and plant fibres and PVC to create a truly water-resistant and humidity-proof installation. This means that you can have wood-effect window shutters across your whole house, even in your bathrooms and your kitchens if you so desire, without having to worry about the wood degrading over time due to the water in the air.

As a result, our PolyWoodⓇ Window shutters are versatile and durable enough to perform in all areas of the home! With the combination of beauty and texture of real hardwood and the strength and durability of PVC, you’ll never have to worry about high-maintenance timber installations ever again; you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your nostalgic feature that is sure to be the envy of all your friends!

All of our PolyWoodⓇ Window Shutters are manufactured right here in the UK so they can be designed specifically to meet the requirements of your home. Completely made-to-measure and available in a variety of bespoke sizes, no matter if you have a large door that needs shutters or a small window that needs dressing, we have the best solution for you!

If you’re interested in receiving a free design consultation from us to help you decide on what shape and colour is going to be the best for your home then we offer them for free! You can book one right here on our website. In the meantime, you can request a free brochure which allows you to explore all of our products in greater detail at your own leisure whilst you await your design consultation appointment.